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Perfect PA

29 August 2006

Customer relationship management and personal organizer.


Perfect PA was specifically developed and designed to help corporate user group managers and small business owners run their businesses more efficiently. By saving time on routine administrative tasks, more time can be devoted to developing the business itself. Perfect PA's features and benefits are also very relevant to other groups of people.

Some examples of users who will find Perfect PA ideally suited to their needs are marketing companies who find Perfect PA especially useful in targeting customers, financial advisers who need to keep a record of every communication with a client under the Financial Services Regulations, vets, estate agents, sports clubs, accountants, consultants and social organisers... to name but a few.

With Perfect PA, you will be able to:

  • Store, catagorise and manage all the contact details for customers, members or even friends.
  • Type letters & faxes
  • Generate eMails
  • Keep notes about information relating to any individual in your Perfect PA database.

The demo is a single-user version, see 'Related Links', below on this page, for the network version demo.

What's new in Perfect PA

Version 2.2:
  • Note: 11.0.4 is the version number reported in Finder; it is a reflection of the app's FileMaker runtime version. The developer refers to this version of the app as 2.2.

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