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Automatically open and tile 2 Finder windows for file transfers.   Free
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2finder checks if 2 finder windows are open. If not it opens 1 or 2. after that it resizes and positions the windows so you can easy drag and drop files between each other... Some Mirrors: http://mac.majorgeeks.com/download5986.html
What's New
Version 2finder_1.3:
  • Version suitable for Panther, Tiger and Leopard (lower not tested)
  • Dialog for row and column view
  • Column-view for Panther
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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2finder User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2finder_1.x:
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Steelie reviewed on 06 Nov 2009
This little wonder does exactly what it says and does it well. And for that it gets a well deserved 5-star rating.

Now here goes a little wishful thinking on my part… any though given to allowing the user to specify how many windows they want open? I use a larger monitor at work and it would be ideal (for me) if 2finder worked for three Finder windows.

Overall, thanks for a great little application. :^)
[Version 1.3b]



Pablito reviewed on 02 Jul 2009
Great. At website I downloaded the Leopard version. It's working great with 10.5.7. It doesn't make any kind of mess with Finder view, works great indeed. I changed the icon to be more "fashionable" on my dock. I am very satisfied! Congrats and thks to developer! Is it a script or something like it?
[Version 1.3b]


Planetary-Paul commented on 25 Oct 2008
I just noticed that 2Finder doesn't run on my brand new 8-core MacPro's: Not supported on this archtecture or something. All other Macs' here (PPC's, Intels, iMacs and laptops) run the program just fine. Can anyone else confirm this, or is it just me?
[Version 1.3b]


easer commented on 06 Mar 2008
I like this, but it ends up hiding all of my other windows when I use it. Inconvenient.
[Version 1.3b]


Jfm commented on 19 Dec 2006
Very good and useful - it does only one little thing, but it is helpful.

Just one small suggestion for an improvement: the lower one of the two Finder windows covers the dock, which is neither pleasant nor convenient. Ir reduces somewhat the usefulness of the application, since one needs to resize the lower window if its lower part is not to come behind the doc. It would be a good idea to have the option of having the lower window staying above the dock, if this seems feasible.
[Version 1.3b]



grandduc reviewed on 26 Nov 2006
This is incredibly (in view of the size of the app) useful. Makes 2 column Finder replacements pretty much pointless. You get all the versatility of Finder windows plus an instant setup for inter-windows operations in either superposed or side-by-side format. The simplicity of the concept is just beautiful!
[Version 1.3b]



Billy the Biker reviewed on 17 Oct 2006
I like this app a lot. I am always dragging stuff to a different location. I would like to see Row/Column selection in preferences to speed up the process and either a menubar item or hot key for enabling.
[Version 1.3b]



Blackflag_s13 reviewed on 10 Oct 2006
Um... I don't get what the point of this is... why not just open two finder windows yourself? Also theres no English localization, which isn't really a problem, I just don't know what the little pop-up said when I opened it. Also, it didn't detect my resolution (1920x1440) and the windows were quite small...
[Version 1.3b]


heavy_shower commented on 10 Oct 2006
I opened three finder windows but it will only tackle the last two windows to work with. More than two isn't possible? Also, perhaps a Preferences' panel, as BMonkey suggested, with options to hide/show the sidebar, choose icon/list views, etc. would add to its functionality.

Using Butler, I've created a menubar item. Great fun.
[Version 1.3b]


bloodymonkey reviewed on 08 Oct 2006
forgot to rate this :)
[Version 1.3b]

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Version Downloads:1,538
Type:Utilities : File Management
Date:08 Oct 2006
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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2finder checks if 2 finder windows are open. If not it opens 1 or 2. after that it resizes and positions the windows so you can easy drag and drop files between each other... Some Mirrors: http://mac.majorgeeks.com/download5986.html

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