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06 April 1999

Automatically restarts all applications and background-only processes.


Reanimator is a utility for automatically restarting all applications and background-only processes killed by another process. It can also be used to quit all running processes and restart them later. A process is a program running on your Mac. When you launch an application, you start a new process. Desk accessories are also processes, while control panels are treated as extensions of the Finder process. There are also processes that don't show up when running: they are called background-only processes. Many shareware and freeware extensions run as background-only processes. Reanimator itself, works that way. I'm used to run a number of applications and extensions in the background (DŽcor, MyEyes, DragThing, Eudora and other occasional utilities) and I was tired of relaunching each one of them after running an installer, rebuilding the desktop using a dedicated utility or running a game instructed to quit all other processes, including the Finder. Reanimator accomplishes this task in a single, quick operation.

Version 2.0.6 fixes compatibility problems with Kaleidoscope and the Appearance Manager control panel, as well as requires Config Extension 2.0 or later

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