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Screensaver that fades your pictures in and out.   Free
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FadingImages is a screensaver plugin that displays scaled pictures from a specified folder (several at a time) and fades them out or flies them by replacing them with new images.

Includes a little helper app to run it as a desktop animation.
What's New
Version 1.5.1:
  • Improved drawing efficiency.
  • Fixed a misbehavior that was generating excess messages to the console.log in Leopard (and wasn't a good idea before that either.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

MacUpdate - FadingImages screensaver

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FadingImages scree... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Bonbons reviewed on 28 Sep 2008
Perfectly wonderful, many thanks!
[Version 1.5.1]


ray16 commented on 27 Nov 2007
In the system pref window it shows it running, but when I launch it I get a white screen.
[Version 1.5]

3 Replies

Greg Weston (developer) replied on 27 Nov 2007
Since you posted more information here than you sent in direct mail and don't seem to be getting my e-mailed responses, I'll follow up here:

The fact that it works in preview mode means it should work in general. I think the most likely explanation is that you're running out of video memory but I don't believe I made any change to the program that should implicitly increase the memory consumption and I'd be surprised if you're running on a weaker system than the worst machine I tested on. To make sure I'm up-to-date, I'd like you to contact me and let me know what kind of machine you're using, what OS version you have, and what kind of video card. I'm also curious if you only did the upgrade or if you also changed any settings afterwards.

iZoe replied on 17 Dec 2007
I get the same white screen. My computer is aging; 500 mghz Pismo. I "think" the video memeory is 32MB, but I'm unsure and I can not comfirm. couldn't find that info in the system profiler... I hope something can be done, after all, I have a similar screensaver called flying icons that works find; after we're talking just pictures here...
Greg Weston (developer) replied on 18 Dec 2007
I can't reproduce this, so I'd really need you to contact me directly, be able to give detailed responses to diagnostic questions, and probably be willing to run test builds to get it fixed.

ray16 commented on 18 May 2007
Greg, update the site page, it still says 1.2.1

[Version 1.2.2]



ray16 reviewed on 17 Aug 2006
Greg had found a code error that was fixed, and the new file should be here soon.

Apple helped him, kudo's to them.

with feedback from yours truely, he has now a greart Saver
[Version 1.2.2]

1 Reply

Greg Weston (developer) replied on 22 Aug 2006
Just a nit: Apple didn't help at all on this other than providing a bug for me to work around. (Bug, in this case, meaning a significant discrepancy between the behavior of a function within the OS X API and the documentation for that function.) Ray, yes. Apple, no.


ray16 reviewed on 14 Aug 2006
Ok, the bug was fixed, thank you

Iphoto was not an issue.

When I picked desktop pictures with sub-folders seleted, it would show some 20 pics then it would hang.

If anyone else noticed this inform the Developer.

Have a good week
[Version 1.2.1]


ray16 commented on 05 Aug 2006
I have a G3B&W, 500ghz , 1024 0f Ram.

Running 10.3.9, 7w98

There is a bug, when setting options can't close window. big time freeze; have to force quit system perferences, which by doesn't save settings.

[Version 1.2]

2 Replies

Greg Weston (developer) replied on 05 Aug 2006
I will FIX THE BUG when I get a better bug report than this. It works fine on my G3/600 with 10.3.9 here. Please provide a more complete description of the actions you're taking and how the saver responds along the way.

grumpytico replied on 05 Aug 2006
ray16: dude, WTF do you think you are to yell out orders to anyone? Is the developer your slave?



JetFireDX reviewed on 03 Aug 2006
Nice start, but very limited. Setting the batch of pictures anywhere near the full 256 causes significant delay even with my 1 gb of memory. The first time the images appear on screen they all appear at once then fade out and slowly begin to cycle through individually - needs some polish to make the effect start off the way it actually continues to later. Having a limit to the number of pictures displayed is a little annoying since I have far more that I would like displayed. Also, it would be nice if the program wouldn't over lap pictures until one is fading out and another was fading in that shared the same space... otherwise you just end up with a difficult to distinguish mess of images.

Keep working on it and adding features - its always nice to have a new way to show family pics and travel images on the screen.
[Version 1.1]

1 Reply

Greg Weston (developer) replied on 04 Aug 2006
The slow startup time and image limit are both gone in v1.2 which is sitting on my machine right now. I'll have it up Saturday pending one or two enhancements.

attentionwandered commented on 03 Aug 2006
sorry if i missed something but what makes this any different or any better then the screensaver to show pictures that comes with your mac?
[Version 1.0]

1 Reply

Greg Weston (developer) replied on 03 Aug 2006
It "displays scaled pictures from a specified folder (several at a time) and fades them out replacing them with new images."

Except for the iTunes cover art one, all of the picture-displaying screen savers that come with the OS show a single picture at a time, full screen. They do a slow zoom and then transition to a new image.

The iTunes saver shows a couple of dozen images in a grid and periodically flips one over to show a different image, so it's closer in net effect but with a different presentation and only displays images from a single, non-configurable location.
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Version Downloads:1,727
Type:Utilities : Screen Savers
Date:17 Dec 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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FadingImages is a screensaver plugin that displays scaled pictures from a specified folder (several at a time) and fades them out or flies them by replacing them with new images.

Includes a little helper app to run it as a desktop animation.

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