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INtex List vX


INtex List vX free download for Mac

INtex List vX

28 May 2007

Excel, Word and FileMaker compatible list maker.


List vX is a fully Excel, Word and FileMaker compatible list maker, offering the following features:
  • maintain as many lists as you like in separate table files
  • Insert data by adding rows (no limit), using up to 26 columns (A-Z) in each row
  • format your data with fonts, sizes etc., colors and alignments through a text formatting panel
  • sort rows and renumber the rows
  • insert new data before or after a given row or at the table´s end
  • delete any row or cell data
  • change data quickly with Search&Replace
  • Do a full textsearch on your data
  • choose individual color labels for each row
  • export to tab delimited text files, Excel files, FileMaker databases or print your tables and lists
  • you can even export your lists to HTML tables or XML
  • import data from Excel, Filemaker or any ASCII format text list
  • let the program calculate for you, for example sums, mins and maximums or averages of columns, financial, numerical and trigonometrical formulas, date and time using bracket terms and logical functions - a formula calculator is integrated and at your fingertips.
As an example list you get a world currencies list.

What's new in INtex List vX

Version 2.1:
  • new result view which directly shows the results of all formula fields
  • result table view can be printed
  • results can be merged in form print
  • results can be exported to Excel
  • new field names in form view
  • field names can be merged in form print
  • field names shown as infotips in list view
  • results shown in form view
  • new navigation list in form view

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