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EventScript for MacIntel


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EventScript for MacIntel

12 July 2006

Trigger FileMaker scripts from any calculation.


EventScript is a small and clean plug-in distributed as donationware and is available totally free of charge. It can be used to trigger FileMaker scripts from any calculation. By depending on the evaluation and the result of your calculations, EventScript brings the essential 'event-based' manageability to your FileMaker solutions. This is definitely the missing link between your calculations and your scripts. Using our plug-in allows you to trigger any script without the need for the user to click a button. The most frequent uses are the "before update", the "after update" and the "on dirty" events. But you can also use EventScript almost anywhere, from auto-enter options and validation rules to privileges sets, custom functions, and the Set Field script step, to name a few. Once the event is triggered by a user, EventScript will automatically launch the script previously chosen by the developer for handling tasks such as auto-protecting your databases, sending an email, or updating a reselling price list. The uses are limited only by your imagination. EventScript also returns an error flag to signal those cases when the target script could not be launched. This error flag allows you to properly implement error handling for your critical processes. Our plug-in accept 3 parameters, The target file name, the target script name and the optional script parameters. EventScript do not give you the possibility to schedule future script triggers. It means that every event triggered is on a 'right-now' basis. But EventScript can help you realize a lot of great things and it's available for both Mac and Windows platforms. His goals are, first, to make the bridge between calculations and the ScriptMaker. Second, to make some good publicity for our new and emerging FileMaker consulting company. And third: to be an inexpensive tool for every FileMaker developers and users because we think these 'event concepts' are too important to be formally sold. As you know, "humans are humans..." And people are running many different applications simultaneously on their computer while talking to the phone and taking notes and sometimes, clicking everywhere with their mouse. Often, FileMaker is only one of the currently running applications and people are too busy to always gives all the attention needed. * Do you really believe that users of your solutions effectively hits the buttons you placed on your layouts? * Are you dreaming that every users will pay attention to what you ask them to do? * Is there automatic reactions that you want to run under particular circumstances but users 'forgot' to hit the corresponding button? * Do you realize some months after delivering your databases that they are now filled with mysterious garbage datas? * Don't you think your FMPro solution can be 'alive' and bring truly interaction between the database application and the user? * Do you really want to take the control over the user interface and get the full power? Using EventScript, you can watch user's events like 'creating a new record', 'deleting a record', by simply entering their computer's cursor into a particular field, after updating a watched field, after putting "garbage data" in a field. Once the event happens, the calculation where you placed your EventScript call is evaluated by FileMaker and then the script you chose is automatically fired by the plug-in. Any kind of calculation an be use. You can also reserve events to certain users based on their 'roles' inside your application. Simply by matching the events with a specific privilege set and you get an 'evenemential profile'. So you don't bother everyone with, let's say the representative's tasks. Your possible 'call back' script will be triggered only for members of the 'representatives' privilege set and other users will be able to make the same action without triggering this script. There is many 'real-life' examples included into the downloadables files (Mac or Windows). It's a matter of fact, FileMaker is an outstanding development tool and we love it very much! But good computer applications are able to auto-protect themselves and take reactions upon actions...

What's new in EventScript for MacIntel

Version 1.1:
  • The "S4HU_VersionEventScript" function is now returning the current plug-in version AND the (UB) mention.
  • The result for this function is: "S4HU_EventScript 1.1 Donationware (UB)".
  • The "S4HU_EventScript" function is friendlier by providing default parameters: S4HU_EventScript( Get(FileName) ; YourScriptName ; {OptionalScriptParameters} )
  • The size of the plug-in is now smaller (124 KB on disk). When used on a Mac equipped with a 667MHz system bus and an Intel processor, it is of course, faster than ever.
  • A FAQ page is available on our website at :

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