17.3 06 Jul 2006

Pattern manipulation plugin for Adobe Illustrator.


Developer website: Abneil Software Ltd

PatternPrint...Pattern manipulation plugin for Adobe Illustrator. Plugin takes two patterns and blends / mixes the patterns / designs in 100s of different ways + combining with color fills / color options / multiple patterns combinations to create stunning pattern graphic styles (or symbols) for use throughout Illustrator (r). The patterns can be modified in many different ways such as rotation / shear / scaling and more The pattern plugin also comes with a lot (100s) of patterns for use in Illustrator, all royalty-free, and can be added to the pattern palette and used in the plugin to create stunning designs / abstract designs / textures and much more On completion, the pattern is stored as a style and can be used in future projects as required, applied to text, paths etc (so it is not limited to the basic set of shapes supplied) The plugin set is also part of the Andrew's (vector) plugin collection. The download here is the demo and the OK button is not enabled, the full release button has full access to the patterns / designs. To tryout, use the presets or click the tumble button. Special note for install of CS2, the entire folder GX17_PatternPrint needs to be installed in the CS4 CS3 CS2 plugin folder for more info / pics / SWF tutorial etc Adobe and Illustrator are registered trademarks of Adobe

What's New

Version 17.3:
  • Added bold to panel buttons
  • Updated dialog size and moved buttons
  • Modified panel buttons
  • Added dialog position - to remember the current dialog selected
  • Added documentview suite to the plugin
  • Added view / zoom feature to the plugin
  • Added pattern number limit based on actual pattern swatches available
  • Removed reset button
  • Added presets dropdown with reset as the first item
  • Presets added
  • Added tumble button for randomizations of settings
  • Add link scaling checkbox (only links setting scalev=h, not randomization)
  • Add link pattern box (only links settting pat2=pat1 not randomization)
  • Increased default height and width of patterns
  • Added tracker suite to plugin
  • Added drag buttons for some fields, drag across document + hold shift key to modify
  • Removed delete of default fill - for use with randomization of 'top' fill and blending
  • Added fillcombo - normal / multiply + randomized + 'no fill'
  • Added additional patterns
  • Updated documentation


Illustrator CS4 CS3 CS2 (12), Illustrator CS1 (11), Illustrator 10.


Current Version (17.x)


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Multimedia Design / Illustration
06 Jul 2006
OS X / PPC 32