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28 October 2014

Frequently checks webpages or files for changes.


Changes Meter is for you if you need to check a Web page or a local file frequently, looking for changes. You know it's boring, error prone, and a real waste of precious time.

Several Web sites offer RSS feeds, but they do not necessarily cover the type of information you are looking for, and there aren't many tools to check local files.

Changes Meter does this exact job for you and it will notify you with a colorful, useful, and unobtrusive pie-chart icon on the menu bar.

What's new in Changes Meter

Version 1.9.1:
  • Final release, it will be replaced by a new app currently under development
  • Works fine on OS X 10.10 Yosemite

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04 July 2006

Most helpful

The website's check can be set for every invervals you want. This daily check is for the application's version check...
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Version 1.0
29 March 2019
Matthew Simpson, Please, Please finish Changes Meter's replacement. It's the only app available anymore that is capable of tracking so many websites on Mac for FREE.
Version 1.9.1
10 February 2012
Great app ! Thank you ! It works exactly as advertised. I use it to monitor new movies or tv shows coming out on a variety of sites, so I set the frequency checks for 12hours or 24 hours, but that's very customizable in the app's options. And I end up using it as a bookmark reference for that specific theme, since it's much easier to check tose site's url than it would be to open a browser and look at bookmarks (yes, there are LOTS opf bookmarks app out there, but I just don't like any of them much among the free ones). Other pluses: very stable, uses very few resources, allows one to have a rather long list of websites (I was worried about upscaling but so far so good !), and to adjust the 'sensitivity' of the changes required before alerting you. The GUI is simple, clean and self explanatory. Also each site has a checkbox allowing the user to exclude some temporarily. My only wish: that the websites could be organized by group or themes e.g Movie websites, News websites, Mac software reviews websites etc. I found a workaround simply by launching several copies of the program at the same time: one for each thematic list of sites. No glitches so far, but it's clearly not an elegant solution and not up-scalable either if only because it multiplies the resources used needlessly and also it eats up all the space in my menu bar. Ah also it would be great if the list of website could easily be exported e.g. as a list of bookmarks or even as plain text. The only way to recover all the sites quickly so far is to print or capture into a .pdf with a res that makes it hard to read. Of course it wouldn't be too hard to write a script iterating thru the list to copy and paste into text edit, but the whole point of this app is to be easy to use for anybody without any programming skills ... Anyway thanks again for this great and useful little app !
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Version 1.7.9
15 August 2011
Awesome tool. Thank you for making this free.
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Version 1.7.6
05 May 2011
Is there a way to check pages that require a login?
Version 1.7.4
19 April 2011
This is one of the good piece of software that I love to use it. Actually, I don't even remember that it is running, but when it works, it tells me what I need to know. I do recommend!!!
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Version 1.7.4
05 May 2010
Loving this little menu bar app. Unobtrusive, small footprint, easy to set up and totally reliable. Doesn't directly monitor specific content on a page but, then, it would be bigger, messier tool. It's just right the way it is.
Version 1.7.1
04 February 2010
Awesome! Just what I was looking for.
Version 1.7
28 June 2007
The download link and devoloper's site is broken...I really like to try, looks like a good program.
Version 1.3
01 March 2007
Great product and a very responsive developer! Give this one a whirl...
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Version 1.2
04 July 2006
I just installed it. Looks promising, indeed! One thing I noticed, though, was that it is impossible (at least for me) to paste url's in the URL's Roster, that I copied from Safari.
Version 1.0


App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later
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