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jTemplate is all you need to change layouts of standard templates. It reorders blog entries to correct order and creates permalink paths for blog entries.
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Version 1.0:
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Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, iWeb 1.1.1 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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rulobarulo commented on 31 Aug 2006
JTemplate creators and fans: any explanation to why all the dates change to reflect the present when the fix order action is implemented? Regardless of the date of entry being on the past or future, the dates change to the present. Any ideas? Thanxs
[Version 0.89 (198)]

rulobarulo commented on 21 Aug 2006
Jtemplate seems to be a clever idea, but I can't seen to make it work at all. I load the theme, then create a duplicate, then choose one of my webpages, choose a template from the newly created and a template is created, but where can you load this newly created webpage. If I open Iweb and try to load the "new" template, the old one appears.

It's not very clear in the instructions, where am I suppossed to load the new template from.

Also, the rearanging of blog entries is an obscure functions. The instruction to this software are not clear.
[Version 0.88 (192)]

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Jinx.de (developer) replied on 23 Aug 2006
You create the new template yourself in iWeb. Just choose a page you've created in iWeb and create a template from that page.
After you've created a template this way you can choose that template in iWeb and the page you've created appears.
Rearanging the blog entries Sorts them in iWeb to the correct cronological order. So when you create a new blog entry and set the date later to last year it is then shuffled back to last year and does not appear in the overview.

Hope that helps - Patrick
rulobarulo replied on 23 Aug 2006
Thanks. Helpfull, indeed. The date has to be in a specific format?
Jinx.de (developer) replied on 23 Aug 2006
No, it uses the date provided in the date field which is stored by iWeb internaly in a language independend format.
rulobarulo replied on 23 Aug 2006
Ok, makes complete sense. Should I re-load a new page/site everytime I reorder the entries, or can I just select from the list in Jtemplate and the changes will be reflected on Iweb?
Jinx.de (developer) replied on 23 Aug 2006
jTemplate recognizes changes you do in iWeb and reloads them if needed.
iWeb on the other hand doesn't reload the changed data. So when using the reorder/ rename functions of jTemplate you have to restart iWeb to get iWeb reloading it's data.
As iWeb loads the data of the template every time a template is instatiated there is no need to stop iWeb when you change the templates.

Hope that helps. Might have to work on the readme ;-)

rulobarulo replied on 23 Aug 2006
mmm, I see.... However, when using the rearrange function, it changes all of my entries to reflect today´s date. Kinda weird, I suppose...
rulobarulo replied on 23 Aug 2006
Surely I must be doing something wrong...
Littlewedge commented on 28 Jun 2006
jTemplate does not seem to be working for me.
It bounces once and the program seems to start up,
but then it just crashes, running 10.4.7 PPC.
[Version 0.83 (155)]

2 Replies

Jinx.de (developer) replied on 28 Jun 2006
Hmmm that shouldn't defenitly happen, did you change anything inside the iWeb folder prior to this program ?

Please get back to me via email that we can quickly solve this issue.

Jolly aka Patrick
dovinci commented on 02 Aug 2006
I had a similar problem, so I opened the Console application, cleared the log, and then attempted to launch jTemplate.

I see a message that the jTemplate tries to download the Domain.sites file from the original location from iWeb 1.0 / 1.0.1:
~/Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain.sites
but I no longer have that file there... I instead have my Domain files elsewhere on my system.

Putting a copy of my current Domain.sites file into that default location made jTemplate happy.
rriddle commented on 28 Jun 2006
Okay i really like this program, and i was really able to create an iweb site that liked. However... I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out whats new in this update by the description...

"Version 0.83 duplication of jTemplate Themes works now duplication now copies files, instead of linking, to prevent files beeing deleted when duplicating a jTemplate and removing the original theme deletion of themes enabled selecting the newly created theme when duplicating."
[Version 0.83 (155)]

3 Replies

Jinx.de (developer) replied on 28 Jun 2006
I didn't format it correctly, hopefully it's now clearer.
Did you have any troubles ? Haven't gotten any response yet.

Thanx - Jolly aka Patrick
rriddle replied on 28 Jun 2006
yes i have tried the new version and it works fine. The only issue that i am noticing is that in the documentation it says that you can re-name custom templates by double clicking the jp_template_6_02_5 name. I cannot seem to get this feture to work.

Besides that the only issues i had with creating a theme were with iweb, not with this program. Great Job!
Jinx.de (developer) replied on 28 Jun 2006
Hmmm, that defenitly works for me and my other beta tester. Did you unlock the lock ? As it has to rewrite the iWeb datastructure it has to have permissions to do so.

Get back to me via email to quickly figure out the issue if that padlock unlocking won't help

Patrick aka Jolly

Zookeeper commented on 25 Jun 2006
Patrick, you might want to have somebody do a spelling and grammar check. "If there is deman [sic], I will polish the product" -- or you could polish the product to promote demand.
[Version 0.82 (153)]


Christoph Vogelbusch commented on 23 Jun 2006
This looks very promising. I really hope that using this over the time more and more iWeb templates will be published.
(Is there a central place for that, too?)
[Version 0.80 (150)]

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jTemplate is all you need to change layouts of standard templates. It reorders blog entries to correct order and creates permalink paths for blog entries.

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