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KrabbitWorld Labyrinth

26 June 2006

3D action/adventure game with RPG-style buildable characters.


KrabbitWorld Labyrinth is a fully 3D action/adventure game with RPG style buildable characters that appeals to the whole family, casual gamers as well as hard core gamers. The demo currently contains 4 quests and 2 levels while the full version contains over 20 quests spanning over 11 levels.

Port Kindarel has been destroyed by a dark force known as the NecroTechs. Who are they and where did they come from? It's up to you to find out! Rescue townsfolk and help rebuild Port Kindarel. Find the 7 KaRaJules and be teleported to the Labyrinths to discover the secret behind the NecroTechs. What you find there will forever change the future of all Krabbits including yourself. Are you ready?

What's new in KrabbitWorld Labyrinth

Version 1.18:
  • Multiplay Enabled
  • In game hints
  • Installer

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