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INtex Daily vX

03 September 2007

Professional journal and note taking software.


Daily vX is the professional journal and note taking software. Use this software on your daily work to:
  • write a journal (RSS/Blog/HTML export)
  • take notes
  • write down ideas and comments
  • save text and code snippets
  • save important data like registration keys, telephone numbers, addresses, keycodes etc.
  • note your todos
And these are the features:
  • modern OS X like Tiger interface
  • full integration with Mac OS X features like Mail, Safari and iCal
  • full multimedia compliance with Quicktime and iPhoto integration
  • import and export in HTML, XML, Excel XLS and ASCII format, pictures and videos in all Quicktime formats
  • full Filemaker 8 and 7 compatible, most modern and professional database
  • MS Office compatibility (import/export)
  • rich text editing with fonts, colors, alignments and much more, text formatting palette and ruler
  • integrated voice recording
  • categorization of records and color labelling
  • QuickSearch with saved search values
  • sorting of data
  • printing of notes on printer, to PDF or faxing
  • ical appointments from notes
  • integrated spellcheck in several languages
  • Search&Replace function
  • optional record locking prohibits deletion of records
  • Applescript support
  • URL and mailto links for Internet & communication integration

What's new in INtex Daily vX

Version 2.5:
  • fully scalable screen interface
  • new formatting buttons for text
  • minor interface tweaks

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22 November 2006

Most helpful

The new tabular interface is a nice addition. A very good application, very convenient!
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Version 2.0.1
24 September 2009
As of September 24, 2009, the download link is dead; and further there is no evidence of this program anywhere on the developers website. Does anyone know if this was sold/taken over or is otherwise available?
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Version 2.5
29 May 2007
Yes, but what do you really *use* it for. I'd like to know, having paid for what seemed an attractive interface ... and now feels like overkill, and I'm back to MacJournal ..
Version 2.0.5
22 November 2006
The new tabular interface is a nice addition. A very good application, very convenient!
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Version 2.0.1
16 June 2006
Some nifty features but argh! it's a FileMaker app :P No access to the Services menu :(
Version 1.2
1 answer(s)
17 June 2006
What´s bad on a FileMaker app ? It´s robust database engine ... And the Services-menu works. Mark something in the text field and choose "Google Search" or "Spotlight" from the Search-Menu and it works.
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Version 1.2


App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • or later
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