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3D map viewer for World of Warcraft.   Free
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  • WoWmapview has been discontinued
  • Developer
    Sailesh Agrawal
WoWmapview is a 3D map viewer for the popular World of Warcraft MMORPG. It uses the game's data files, so - obviously - WoW has to be installed on your computer.
What's New
Version 3.0: This is a quick patch to get WowMapView working with the latest patch.
Intel/PPC, World of Warcraft

*Previously available here

MacUpdate - WoWmapview

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WoWmapview User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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drHjarntvatt commented on 27 Jan 2007
This was really great but since the "Before the Storm" patch and "The Burning Crusade" it doesn't work at all. I get a message that the World of Warcraft folder is invalid
[Version 2.0]

Ehecu tipped on 17 Jul 2006
Very cool program - Let's you explore all kinds of secret and under development areas without private servers, hacks, or questionable use of game mechanics.


Uncheck the "Use Patch" box to make the program load instantly (or without the 3-5 minute delay anyway). Honestly, I have no idea what the Blizzard patches do, seeing as how a patched game should already have the latest files. Perhaps it lets you use the program with just a patch and not the full game, but I haven't tested that so it remains just a theory.

In any case, it makes booting the program up a lot faster.

(Tested on 2.0Ghz MacBook Pro w/ 2GB RAM)
[Version 2.0]

MattG commented on 28 May 2006
Very cool (that it works at all) but not a very friendly implementation.

Took 3 minutes to load (on a PowerMac G5 2Ghz) and shows no progress indication during this time. Crashed a couple times. Controls are also a bit odd and the UI almost isn't.

Still, it does work and you can see things that don't exist yet, like the Caverns of Time.
[Version 2.0]


Shralldam tipped on 28 May 2006
It takes a long time to load once you have clicked on the Start button (got the beachball too). But after a few minutes the viewer finally appears.

(Tested on a PowerMac G5 1.6Ghz)
[Version 2.0]


ben_marko commented on 27 May 2006
Would be nice if I could get it to launch. I locate WoW in my Applications folder, then I activate WoWmapview. It promply seizes up and I end up with a spinning beachball, and have to force quit.

This was the case on both an iMac G5 and a MacBook Pro.
[Version 2.0]

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Version Downloads:3,569
Type:Games : Gaming Tools and Utilities
Date:03 Jan 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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WoWmapview is a 3D map viewer for the popular World of Warcraft MMORPG. It uses the game's data files, so - obviously - WoW has to be installed on your computer.

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