Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition
Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition


Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition free download for Mac

Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition

03 February 2010

High performance transactional storage engine.


Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition is a high performance, transactional storage engine written entirely in Java. Like the highly successful Berkeley DB product, Berkeley DB Java Edition executes in the address space of the application, without the overhead of client/server communication. It stores data in the application\'s native format, so no runtime data translation is required. Berkeley DB Java Edition supports full ACID transactions and recovery. It provides an easy-to-use, programmatic interface, allowing developers to store and retrieve information quickly, simply and reliably.

What's new in Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition

Version 4.0.92:

Log File On-Disk Format Changes:

  • JE 4.0.71 has moved to on-disk file format 7.
  • The change is forward compatible in that JE files created with release 3.3.* and earlier can be read when opened with JE 4.0. The change is not backward compatible in that files created with JE 4.0 cannot be read by earlier releases.
  • Changes in API and exception handling create a binary incompatibility between JE 4.0 and JE 3.X. Users are advised to recompile their applications when moving to JE 4.0. Please see the API Changes section of the change log for a complete description.

New Work:

  • This release features JE High Availability, which permits the use of JE with replication. See the High Availability Guide for an introduction to the product. and the javadoc for API specifications.
  • JE now provides two JMX MBean implementations for monitoring a running JE application. A JConsole plugin is also provided for accessing the new JEMonitor and RepJEMonitor classes. Environment statistics can be collected and graphed, and other state information can be perused. See the how-to for more information.
  • Multiple performance improvements for concurrent execution, including group commit performance improvements on Linux ext3 file systems.
  • Support for enum keys and other improvements in the Direct Persistence Layer.
  • Enhanced exception handling and other API improvements.
  • See the change log (also found in the download) for the complete and detailed description of all changes.

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