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Ultimate Eudora Plugin


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Ultimate Eudora Plugin

20 May 2006

Plug-in enables many hidden features of Eudora.


Ultimate Eudora Plugin enables many hidden features of Eudora Pro (and Eudora Lite, to a lesser extent), from version 3 onward, though many of them will only do anything useful in version 4, 5, 6 and (presumably) onward.

Some of the coolest features:

  • edit the "From" field when composing a message
  • edit lots of default strings such as the quoting character ("> " default), and the reply subject prefix ("Re: " default)
  • force Eudora to use RFC-standard forwarding markers
  • allows internationalization of a few things
  • add your own headers
  • change address format from "user@site (Firstname Lastname)" to "Firstname Lastname " (which is more standard)
  • adjust disk usage
  • change attribution strings
  • change text file creator code for saved files (e.g. to BBEdit)
  • change format of date & time display in mailbox windows
  • lots more - the plugin adds TEN new Settings panes!
  • replaces up to 14 other (often conflicting) plug-ins

What's new in Ultimate Eudora Plugin

Version 2.2:
  • Minor adjustments here and there.
  • No actual bugs fixed (still none reported to date!)
  • Documentation improved.

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