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StoryParker for InDesign2.0.0

22 July 2010

Plug-in helps you cope with cluttered pages.


StoryParker for InDesign is a plug-in that helps you cope with cluttered pages. It adds a number of context menus to various page items.

Every page item can be temporarily \'parked\' - meaning you can put it aside, somewhere on the pasteboard, and quickly move it back to exactly where it came from some time later.

Linked text boxes that contain a long story can also be parked all together. The idea is to help you get one or more page items out of the way quickly, for example because you want to reach something that\'s underneath. Later on, you can easily move the page items back to their exact original position with a single click.

The neat thing is that parked page items \'remember\' where they came from - you can \'unpark\' them, which causes them to fly back to the exact location they had before you parked them.

Parked items are put on the pasteboard, and can be moved around freely from there - any movement while they are parked is ignored and forgotten the instant you unpark them.

What's new in StoryParker for InDesign

Version 2.0.0:
  • CS5 support

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