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17 May 2006

Parse/visualize output from leaks command line utility.


Leaks lets you parse and visualize the output from the "leaks" command line utility.
  • Open leak reports from file (via double-click if they have a ".leaks" file name suffix)
  • Open leak reports from pasteboard, or via the Leaks system service menu item
  • View merged callstack for all leaks in the report
  • View callstack as bottom-up, or top-down
  • Save preferred window layout and settings
The reporting done by the leaks command line utility is fantastic, as is the memory management event history of ObjectAlloc. If you use them together, you have a very powerful tool for finding memory leaks in Cocoa applications. Manually piecing together the data provided by these tools is of course often both time consuming and tedious.

The goal is to make this easier by providing a tool that combines the reports from the leaks command line utility with object memory management event history and user interface and data mining abilities reminiscent of Shark.

As this is a project run in my spare time, it's quite possible that I will not reach that goal... That said, the functionality implemented so far is already useful on it's own.

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