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MacBook SMC Firmware Updater addresses a rare issue on some Apple notebooks where a battery that has accumulated more than 1000 charge cycles may unexpectedly shut down or stop functioning.
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MisterE commented on 02 Feb 2013
I have downloaded the .dmg from MU and directly from Apple's site 3 times now but each time I get this warning when opening the .dmg

I have seen this with other DMGs before but it's not very confidence inspiring for a firmware update that could brick your computer if anything goes wrong.

MacBook late 2008 running 10.8.2.
Anyone else have this problem?
[Version 1.5]


mex4eric commented on 10 Dec 2008
Need to load the EFI firmware first. Hope these two fix the unable to return from lid down sleep problems.
[Version 1.2]


sjj_public commented on 27 Oct 2006
I installed SMC Firmware 1.1 on my 2 GHz MacBook, which was *not* exhibiting the sudden shutdown problem as far as I could tell, as is recommended by Apple. There have been no issues with the update.
[Version 1.1]


Nymphe commented on 26 Oct 2006
How is it going to fix a hardware problem?

They should replace the heat sink.
[Version 1.1]

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gazman replied on 26 Oct 2006
By keeping the operating temperature lower, it shouldn't get to the point where the heatsink is expanding so much that it makes contact with the sensor cable, causing the short circuit.

Having said that, I've had my heatsink replaced under warranty. I still installed this update. The fans seem to be spinning slightly faster at idle, which should keep temps down.

sjj_public replied on 27 Oct 2006
Are we sure the issue really was the heatsink? Certainly that *seemed* like a solution, but perhaps it was not the real solution or a complete solution? Perhaps replacing the heatsink only reduced the problem, with the underlying problem remaining, such that given enough high processor use it would still shut down, just requiring more than before. This is purely speculation on my part, mind you, but Apple is recommending firmware update 1.1 even for those who had the heatsink replaced (indeed, even for those with MacBooks not exhibiting the problem now.) I think it's safe to say that you should install this update. FYI, I installed it on my MacBook which was not exhibiting the problem and have seen no problems with it.

Nymphe replied on 27 Oct 2006
Actually, I think this firmware update simply bypasses the shutdown problem. I ve seen lots of pictures, in which the cable was melted enough. Ok, fine, I am going to install it, but how should I know if my cable burns and mets inside?

If I had the RSS problem, I wouldn't use this firmware, because I couldn't demonstrate the problem again. And I don't want a notebook which has got some loose wires...

Greenie replied on 27 Oct 2006
Incase your wondering this will only fix the issue most of the time. It doesn't always fix the issue and if the issue is not fixed then you actually need the heat sink.

Mark Everitt commented on 26 Oct 2006
Finally! I didn't anticipate a software fix to the RSS (random shutdown syndrome) problem. Fingers crossed now!
[Version 1.1]

uzku commented on 22 Aug 2006
now the sound from the fan finally ended, took it to get fixed to an apple store and they told me to wait for this update... great job apple!!!

without this fix, i nearly couldnt even take the macbook to libraries as it made that horrible sound (the one that looked like the fan was gonna start but then didnt... I know most of the macbook users know what im talking about)....

now we only need to improve bootcamp so that the mousepad works as in osx!!!
[Version ]

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bedouin replied on 26 Oct 2006
"I know most of the macbook users know what im talking about)...."

No, we don't.

Three of my friends have MacBooks; none have the moo'ing I hear complained about on the Internet non-stop.
uzku replied on 26 Oct 2006
thats because they probably have new
If they have early versions like mine, then they should definately know what Im talking about, its a bug and apple had to fix it, it did exist
ShannonRawls commented on 22 Aug 2006
Updated my BlackBook today because this was in the 'auto update' section. My BlackBook purchased 1.5 months ago was already as quiet as a mouse, but i updated anyhow.

Thus far...2-hours later of constant use, my BlackBook is still as quiet as a mouse. No new noises or fan spinning or anything.

I have a feeling it will simply make my fan run more efficiently on an already quiet macbook.
[Version ]

rdn2 commented on 18 Aug 2006
Appears to have adjusted the maximum audio volume on my Macbook too.
[Version ]

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D9 replied on 18 Aug 2006
More or less?
rdn2 replied on 18 Aug 2006
More. Not a lot but I seem to need the volume a click or maybe 2 lower than before the update.
ishan3 commented on 17 Aug 2006
Stopped the occasional mooing completely after 3-4 hours of continuous use. I don't notice any baseline increase in fan noise either. CPU temps appear unchanged on average (using the Hardware Monitor app) compared to the same time yesterday at home with same indoor temp.

Nice fix, Apple.
[Version ]

nparker13 commented on 17 Aug 2006
Is this for MBP too? Mine has been quiet, so I remain hesistant, as its also not in the software update thingie.


PS, whats SMC mean?
[Version ]

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macbullet replied on 17 Aug 2006
SMC i believe is System Management Control

jory commented on 18 Aug 2006
The updater told my that my 17" MacBook Pro was not in need of this SMC updater.
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MacBook SMC Firmware Updater addresses a rare issue on some Apple notebooks where a battery that has accumulated more than 1000 charge cycles may unexpectedly shut down or stop functioning.

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