M-Audio MicroTrack
M-Audio MicroTrack


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M-Audio MicroTrack

13 May 2006

MicroTrack 24/96 driver.


M-Audio MicroTrack contains drivers for the MicroTrack 24/96.

What's new in M-Audio MicroTrack

Version 1.4:
  • Sometimes wouldn't use the entire available space of the media and would report media full before it actually was. Even after deleting previous recordings from the media.
  • Sometimes reported incorrect file sizes on MP3s.
  • Outputs would turn off during playback of some files.
  • Autosplit feature would not always record to full 2GB file size when source is S/PDIF
  • Files sometimes were not saved properly if the battery would run out during a recording.
  • Sometimes would revert to default settings if the battery charge were to run out during use.
  • Recordings would sometimes stop early (before filling media or reaching 2GB) when using S/PDIF as the source.
  • Some French characters and translations were incorrect.
  • Would not always display the full media message when it should.
  • Could not play files from the 'Files' menu if the files were inside a folder.
  • Sometimes would hang on writing very short (less than 1 second) recordings.
  • Some S/PDIF recordings failed to start recording if they immediately followed an analog recording.

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