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Screensaver generates a landscape of rolling grassy hills.   Free
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Hills is an OpenGL 3D screensaver that generates a landscape of rolling grassy hills. This is a Mac OS X port of software developed by Nicolas P. Rougier and the source code is included under the GNU GPL.
What's New
Version 1.4:
  • Fixed the "rainbow hills" problem that surfaced in OS X 10.8.
  • Hills now runs at full resolution on Retina displays.
  • Hills now has a thumbnail icon in System Preferences under OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and later.
  • Dropped PowerPC support. This version is Intel-only.
  • OS X 10.6 or later
  • Any Intel GMA, AMD Radeon, or nVidia GeForce card or later

MacUpdate - Hills

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Hills User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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alas! commented on 17 May 2011
Quite soothing to gaze at especially when one's consciousness is suitably enhanced through the use of an appropriate medium.
It's kinda fun to experiment with different colors of fog.
Would be cool if the developer would populate the scene with some additional elements of interest: trees, bushes, and animals/wildlife.
Anyway, a really sweet little freebie.
[Version 1.3]


Negritude tipped on 14 Jul 2010
The developer and his web site have disappeared. You can still find a link to the screensaver here:


Note that, the MIME type on the file is set incorrectly on the CultOfMac web site. If you merely click on the link, you'll get binary trash. You need to Ctrl-Click, then Save As for it to work.
[Version 1.2]

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Negritude commented on 01 Aug 2010
Addendum: Firefox doesn't seem to be able to download the file without corrupting it. You must use Safari in order for the DMG to be saved properly.


Darth Brooks reviewed on 14 Aug 2006
Let me add another 5 stars! Thank you, Chris Kent.
[Version 1.2]



nicecaman reviewed on 12 Jun 2006
This will be an even more pleasent app to have
come winter, God forbid.
Nice, nice app.
Thanks Kent :-)
Summer on you too lad.
[Version 1.12]


william31 reviewed on 09 Jun 2006
While I'm still in the System Preferences, I can alter the screensaver preferences, and I can see the result when I press the Test button. If, however, I move the cursor to my screensaver hot corner, the previous/default options are used. All is then well when I close System Preferences and try again. [G4 PowerBook, 10.4.6]

Still says "Look Ahead Disatnace" in the screensaver options panel.

Otherwise, wonderful app and screensaver. Love the fog, even evil-coloured ones.

Wishes for the future: lakes, forests, even just occasionally a person waving their arms!

Thanks for sharing your work on this.
[Version 1.12]



ð Born Yeterday ð reviewed on 30 Apr 2006
The screensaver works flawlessly for me on an eMac G4 with 384 MB's running under 10.4.6 Tiger.

No problems, of any kind to report.

Very nicely done, and for free!! Amazing!

Keep up the great work!
[Version 1.1]

chambone commented on 30 Apr 2006
This looks very cool and it runs fast on my MBP - the problem is that the fly-by speed doen't seem to be constant. It's as if there are two speeds between which it alternates.
[Version 1.1]


Swordfish commented on 29 Apr 2006
There is a typo in the prefs of the screen saver. it should read "Look Ahead Distance".

Also, when "Use Main Monitor" is checked the screen saver is black and blue, as in this screenshot

Changing the "Grid size" setting seems to randomly trigger that same black and blue screen.

Although my video card (ATI 7500) supports up to 4x FSAA, enabling FSAA 2X gives the screen saver a yellowish and garbeled image (click here to view)
[Version 1.1]


Maury-McCown commented on 29 Apr 2006
Beautiful screen saver.

One problem: the pointer stays on-screen.
[Version 1.1]


Troo had trouble on 09 Jun 2006
Doesn't work on my eMac 1.8ghz 32MB Vram.

It seems to tile the windows strangely and then just goes blank. It works in the preview pane though.
[Version 1.12]

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Version Downloads:840
Type:Utilities : Screen Savers
Date:09 Sep 2013
Platform:Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Hills is an OpenGL 3D screensaver that generates a landscape of rolling grassy hills. This is a Mac OS X port of software developed by Nicolas P. Rougier and the source code is included under the GNU GPL.

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