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2-player car race card game.   Free
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  • MacBornes has been discontinued
  • Developer
    Alexandre Colucci
MacBornes is a 2-player car driving card game.

The objective of the game is to reach exactly 5,000 points before your opponent does. But your opponent (a computer or another human) is trying to do the same and will try to slow you down!
What's New
Version 1.0.1:
  • A safety card could be wrongly interpreted as a Coup-Fourré.
  • Fix a crash on case sensitive volumes.
  • Some minor GUI improvements.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

*Previously available here

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MacBornes User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Creepster commented on 09 Oct 2009
I am so addicted to this game that the Total Time I have played it for is 10 days, 14 hours. Maybe because I have played it so much that the deck is really out of whack. There are games where I get a string of gasoline cards or I won't see a go card until over half the deck has been played. And then I may get dealt a bunch in a row.
I sure wish there was a different method for shuffling the cards to make it more random.
[Version 1.0.1]

2 Replies

Amusingfool replied on 14 Oct 2009
This seems to be a Snow Leopard issue. Or at least I never ran into it until upgrading to snow leopard. Since that upgrade, I've had many hands (at least six) in only three games where I went 30 or more cards into the deck before seeing a single 'Go' card. In a couple of those, the computer also had no 'Go's.

I took two screenshots a few minutes ago, while playing. In the first, I've got a hand of seven 'Go's (achieved through a normal strategy of play). In the second, the computer just played the first go with 50 cards left in the deck (the only saving grace being that I got a matching 'Go' on my next draw). Those were from consecutive hands in the same game. And the first hand in that game had the worst clumping I'd ever seen, to that point (start with three spare tires, draw another on first draw, then get four gasolines in next six cards, etc).

In over five hundred games (reached 528 in April, only noted because that was the first time I'd scored exactly 5000, after ending a hand at 4975 at least five times (none of which, deliberately)) before the upgrade, I hadn't seen clumping that bad.

As you can guess from that many games played, yes, I like it, overall.

Creepster replied on 14 Oct 2009
I'm not so sure that this is a Snow Leopard issue. I've been seeing this behavior for quite a while now. (Over 1000 games played) Like you, I have seen the go cards stick near the end of the end for both players and I have wound up with mostly go cards in the beginning. I had a string of hands where I had the Gas safety card at the start of the game and with that, an unusually large percentage of the regular gasoline cards.
I can only hope that this will either work itself out or the developer will come up with a fix. I'd also love to see this game as an iPhone app. I would pay for that.

Gannet commented on 11 Dec 2007
Ah, a Leopard update at last :-)
I have a small bug report though: If a hazard is played on you and then a limit is played on you, you can immediately play the safety for the original hazard and still be granted a Coup-Fourré.
[Version 1.0]



Anthony Sigalas reviewed on 04 Jun 2007
Very addictive card game and now that 2-player works via Bonjour, MacBornes rocks. You can even create your own set of cards or themes (I did) for a more personal touch. I'd like to see more card games like this on the Mac platform. Kudos to the developers for making this a freeware!
[Version 1.0b12]


creepster commented on 14 Apr 2007
Beta 11 introduces some new bugs of its own. During play, even when you can clearly put down milage cards, the newest version sometimes won't allow you play those cards. Beta 10 worked great.
I do like the new features but not the bugs.
[Version 1.0b11]


MacUpdate-Lon commented on 01 Apr 2007
Monsieur Colluci, merci beaucoup! When I was a kid I played the original card game with my parents and sisters. It's great to have a Mac version...
[Version 1.0b11]


abfdrumz reviewed on 09 Dec 2006
While still in beta, this is a solid start to a much-needed OS X version of an enjoyable time-waster. The interface borrows heavily from the time-tested Classic version of the game -- that's a good thing -- and the whimsical sound effects are a nice touch. The only serious flaw is that a couple of the major rules of the original game are unimplemented. In the original, games are won by the first player to reach 5000 points over the course of several hands, while in this version, hands are independent of each other. In addition, MacBornes does not feature the extension rule in which players must hit 700 miles exactly, with the first player to do so deciding whether the race will continue to 1000 miles. The absence of these rules makes the game somewhat less interesting. The good news is that the developer is aware of these problems and has indicated that he intends to address them in a future release. In the meantime, as beta releases go, this one shows plenty of promise.
[Version 1.0b10]



Sans Dieu Rien reviewed on 13 Sep 2006
If you like the original card game, this is a breath of fresh air for your computer: not just your average solitaire game. I keep returning for more, not because of the graphics, but the playability--returning for more! Playability is key!

I love the little sound-bites of the engines running, tires screeching, etc. I do wish that you could change your name, and return later as that player after someone else plays. Currently, it's stuck on whoever logs in on the computer. Full screen mode would be nice, as the Dock sometimes gets in the way.
[Version 1.0b10]


chas_m commented on 28 Jul 2006
Marvelous recreation of a game I loved in childhood. Many thanks!
[Version 1.0b9]


creepster had trouble on 14 Apr 2007
Fixed the problem. I had to go into the preferences and delete "org.timac.MacBornes.plist". Once that was done, the game plays wonderful.
[Version 1.0b11]

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Version Downloads:4,842
Type:Games : Card and Board
Date:19 Mar 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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MacBornes is a 2-player car driving card game.

The objective of the game is to reach exactly 5,000 points before your opponent does. But your opponent (a computer or another human) is trying to do the same and will try to slow you down!

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