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Pyrex Builder X

23 October 2006

Tool for Pyrex module creation.


Pyrex Builder X is a powerful tool for connecting C and Python by creating a Python module consisting of compiled C files. However, building a complex Python module using Pyrex is no simple task. Each time a change is made, all source files must be re-compiled, and re-bundled, linking against various frameworks. Repeatedly performing these tasks can quickly become very time consuming.

Pyrex Builder provides a straight-forward interface which allows you to identify files (.c, .h, and .pyx), frameworks, and compiler flags needed for the module. From there, a single button click will preform all the compiling, linking, and bundling tasks automatically. The build settings can also be saved, and loaded later; further reducing time spent creating modules.

What's new in Pyrex Builder X

Version 1.5.4:
  • PBX no longer requires its own packaged version of Pyrex and will use whichever version you have installed on your system.

Requirements for Pyrex Builder X

  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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