HP 15c Calculator
HP 15c Calculator


HP 15c Calculator free download for Mac

HP 15c Calculator

11 April 2006

HP 15c Simulation Calculator.


HP 15c Calculator is a simulation of the classic calculator with the following features:
  • 100 memory registers.
  • 1000 program steps.
  • Complex numbers can be directly stored in memory and in matrix elements.
  • Polar format of complex numbers (phasor) directly managed ("Polar" indicator in the status display).
  • Matrix, Solve and Integral doesn't consume any memory register. You always have the 100 memory registers.
  • Program labels A,B,C,D,E and "00" to "99".
  • Optional engraving tool and preferences menu.
  • Variable view size.
  • Paper tape output.
  • The most extensive Unit conversion & Universal constants tool.
  • Register's content tool
  • Cash Flow tool.
  • Statistical analysis tool.
  • Time value of money tool.
  • On-Line Worldwide Currency conversion tool by www.xe.com.
  • Program Modules editor.
  • Sound and spoken feedback settings.
  • Save and Load programs.
  • Save and Load memory sets.
  • New Added function to transform Zp format matrix to a complex matrix selecting MATRIX and sum statistic.
  • New Added function to transform Complex matrix to Zp format matrix pressing MATRIX and decimal point.

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