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28 March 2006

Theme editing application.


Catalyst 0.7 is the first public test release of a new theme editing application. ShapeShifter is supported via the built in DLTA exporter. Catalyst is the first theme editor to run natively on the Intel architecture. In addition, Catalyst's .skin format is the first safe theme format for both the Intel and PowerPC architectures. Users of Mac OS X on both architectures may freely exchange themes without risking conflicts or data corruption due to differences in the architectures. Catalyst's .skin format is also built on Apple's CoreData technology, meaning Catalyst can handle thousands of images in a skin with ease.

Catalyst is different from other theme creation applications in the way that it deals with application skins. On first launch, Catalyst's adaptive algorithm will scan your hard drive, and automatically learn how to skin your applications, including iTunes. No templates required. Catalyst can also adapt to different versions of the same application, allowing you to theme different versions of the same app in the same skin. Catalyst's workflow is also rearranged around application skins. Theme creators first create the application skins for their themes. Then they organize those application skins into variations, reusing application skins when needed. This saves time by not forcing theme creators to copy and paste identical resources between variations.

Finally, Catalyst features a highly optimized workflow. CoreImage is used to provide tweaks for images within Catalyst. In addition, Catalyst's CoreImage implementation is non-destructive, meaning CoreImage tweaks can be undone at any time, whether after you saved or even on another machine. Catalyst displays resources using OpenGL, meaning editing your images inside Catalyst is fully hardware accelerated.

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