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BusinessWeek Desktop Headlines


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BusinessWeek Desktop Headlines

24 March 2006

Widget for BusinessWeek RSS feeds.


Every business day BusinessWeek Online features breaking news, smart analysis, special reports, commentary, investing insights from Standard & Poor's and much more.

Configure your BusinessWeek Desktop Headlines widget to display new headlines from any of our RSS feeds: Top News, Technology, Investing, SmallBiz, B-Schools, Careers, BusinessWeek magazine, Most Popular Stories and more. You'll also get the latest from all of our blogs and podcasts and you can even build your own feed.

Any new RSS feeds we introduce will automatically become available for display in your widget. You can search the BusinessWeek site right from within the widget interface. And you can preview podcasts and subscribe to them with iTunes from the widget.

What's new in BusinessWeek Desktop Headlines

Version 1.3:
  • Improvements to the scroll bar.
  • Scroll wheel mice are now supported.
  • Improved functionality when clicking thru to multiple stories.
  • Improved performance.

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