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Searches the online English-Swedish dictionary.   Free
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Lexikon Widget searches the online English-Swedish dictionary. The Swe-Eng Lexikon widget parses the results and allows the user to decide how much information to display, from simple direct translation to conjugating verbs.
What's New
Version 2.0 has had quite a few bug fixes as well as the following new features:
  • Swedish Dictionary lookup
  • Link to open the page in a Web browser
  • Update notification
  • Cleaner interface removing much of the Cocoa
Unfortunately we have taken the decision to no longer support Tiger, so this is Leopard-only. Upgrade folks!
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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ver. 2.x:
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Neil_m commented on 07 Nov 2010
This widget no longer works - resource page at kth has changed.
The new resourse website is; http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se

Developer emailed.
[Version 2.0]


neil_m commented on 22 Mar 2006
Why do people use these comment sections as substitute developer forums?

If you have comments specific to developing the product or want to report bugs, contact the developer directly - don't comment here and expect the developer to sit watching this page forrandom comments. That's not the point of macupdate.

Contact Developer http://www.mindrepanda.com/menu.php?num=6
[Version 1.1]

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rtheone replied on 26 Mar 2006
Neil_m, feature lists are important parts of the evaluation of an application. Knowing a product's current and future expected functionality makes a big difference when chosing the right tool.

Besides, the developers at Mindre Panda are of course also directly mailed about these requests. And thanks to the post here at Macupdate they don't have to recieve one hundred suggestions about the same features every day, because readers of this review will know that this has been discussed already. Instead, new readers will be able to add there ideas and comments to the list, which would not have been possible if it was only mailed to the developers.

Neil_m, if you don't like the feature requests mixed with the other review topics, I suggest you just don't look at them.


rtheone reviewed on 22 Mar 2006
This is just what a dictionary tool should be - a widget. This guy pops up exactly when you need it, and without the typical delay of for example "WordFinder". Also, it is a great initiative to make this widget free. Actuallly, I liked it so much that I felt like spending a few extra minutes explaining how it could be improved even further. Please, don't regard this as discontent.

Suggestions for improvement:

1) On the flip-side of the widget, only the actual checkboxes are active. The typical Mac behavior allows also the labels to be clicked.

2) You have to press return after each search term is entered. It should be enough to just exit the search-term field (e.g. tabbing or selecting the popup).

3) Text in the hitlist cannot be selected, and therefore not copied. The I-beam cursor is there, but it doesn't select anything. Instead it moves the window, which is really awkward and non-Mac:ish.

4) The feature list could be expanded to also include a Swedish-Swedish and English-English choice in the popup. This could be used to display word-class information for the search term in the original language, and possibly also supply synonyms.

5) There are a couple of text parts that include mal-formated characters. Actually, the very first search term I tried was the word "perform". The result contained a whole bunch of "%%" sequences without any obvious meaning.

6) Since this widget accesses a web server to find the words in the dictionary, it would have been really nice to get some feedback when it is buzy waiting for server response. A common spinning beach-ball or sun cursor would be enough.

7) Every hitlist term is followed by a numbered list of definitions. It is totally unnecessary to write the text "1. " for every single line which contains only a single entry. This is definately a minor detail, but when I browsed through the text it resulted oftenly in unnecessary scrolling up and down looking for a second entry which wasn't there.

Over-all however, a great little widget!
[Version 1.1]

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Type:Drivers : Other
Date:13 Aug 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Lexikon Widget searches the online English-Swedish dictionary. The Swe-Eng Lexikon widget parses the results and allows the user to decide how much information to display, from simple direct translation to conjugating verbs.

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