1.2 10 May 2006

Quits all apps when a game is launched.


Developer website: 2Sublime

GameLauncher is intended to solve the unsightly problem of quitting all your applications every time you want to relax and play a game.

Who wants to use a game launcher? It's fine to just double click on the icon from the Finder right? Right! But most games need as much processor power as they can use right? Right. So before launching the game you need to quit as many programs as you can, and of course you have several days worth of work open! And 15-20 applications running? And it would take you several precious gaming minutes to close and save all these applications, let alone open them all up again after you finish. Who needs the hassle, right? Right?

Well this is where GameLauncher comes in handy. GameLauncher first requires that you select the application and, once selected, if you press the "Launch" button, will quit as many applications as you have running, launch the game, wait patiently until you are finished, then return the applications to your desktop good as new. Less time wasted, more game-play time maximised. Neat right? Right!

What's New

Version 1.2:
  • The "select all" checkbox value is retained over multiple quits.
  • Item selections are now kept in prefs!! This is a big one. You can have other applications running and they will never be quit (e.g. Speex or Ventrilo).
  • processes are quit and relaunched by process ID so you should find that all your applications are in the same order in the Dock after launch.
  • If a launched program crashes (instead of exiting normally) GL will prompt you to relaunch the app instead of just returning to "unlaunched".
  • GL will respond to a Log Out request and prompt you to either quit immediately or relaunch all apps.
  • zoom button works better & correctly under all conditions.
Version 1.1:
  • America's Army now launches.
  • Ads are shown intermittently.


Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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10 May 2006
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