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  • Corripio Artwork Finder has been discontinued
  • Developer
    Jeff Dlouhy
Corripio is the premier tool for gathering album artwork. Corripio enables the user to get the best artwork available for their iTunes libraries with the click of a button. The user also has the ability to search for song lyrics. The lyrics will automatically be added to each songs' ID3 tag. Corripio is the iTunes companion a music lover cannot live without.
What's New
Version 0.7.2:
  • iTunes 7.3 compatibility
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Corripio Artwork F... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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BrettD reviewed on 06 Feb 2007
Buggy (crashes regularly), annoying (triggers system beeps after almost every operation), horrendous user interface, slow (displays a giant "chicklets" display while searching for album artwork) and last but not least...doesn't do what it is supposed to- the searches are too broad (a search on "artist and album" for BB King's Anthology turned up an album cover for Boys 2 Men, for example), it never actually adds the artwork to the files, and it does a search on EACH FILE IN AN ALBUM.
[Version 0.6]


l-i-n-k commented on 09 Dec 2006
It works for many, many songs - easy. And it's free! Thank you for the good job. Keep on adding more sources in the future and think about a easy way to find sonys without artwork. I didn't figure out, how to do that.

@JOHN179 You ca easily set Corripio to ask before adding artwork in the general preferences
[Version 0.6]

john179 commented on 22 Nov 2006
Great idea, but it has crashed on me several times.
Additionally, the default apparently is to NOT ask me to add artwork when there is no conflict. This caused problems as it happily assigned similar, but wrong album names in a flurry that I couldn't stop. I figured out to change the default, but I think it should be other way around for new users.
Since itunes lets me add any image file as my artwork, I was able to download images from google. I used corripio as a guide to know which albums had no artwork, but used itunes to add the artwork.
I have a some not so unusual albums which did not come up on the corripio search, but which I could easily find myself through google or amazon.
Like I said, great idea, just needs some greater precision, or better access to wider pool of art. Not crashing would be nice. As it was, I had to go back and redo several albums that had been incorrectly arted by corripio manually in itunes.
[Version 0.6]


Hoby reviewed on 18 Oct 2006
It's great.. but very crash-prone.

It could use some interface asynchronicity while searching and getting artwork. It doesn't tell you what it's doing until it's done, leaving you the option of feeling trapped or hoping to click the Cancel button.. and not knowing what that will actually cancel.. or what will happen next.

Also, a fire-and-forget mode would be great for having it see what it can find throughout your entire library, unattended.

Otherwise, good work so far.
[Version 0.5.1]

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Corpsecorps replied on 06 Sep 2008

"Great" and "crash prone" are irreconcilable.

Whit_g commented on 13 Sep 2006
I concur, not ready for prime time. I downloaded this hoping to augment iTunes 7's laughably incapable cover art fetching ability, but this is even worse. Major problems that I'm seeing in the first five minutes include:

1. Doesn't appear to handle albums with numbers in the name very well. I just had it search for the self-titled 311 album (with '311' appearing in the artist and album title tags) and it asked me to choose from what looked like every album that 311 ever made, plus it wanted me to choose the artwork for each individual track instead of applying it to all tracks on that album at once. Same problem with the artist/album '33hz'.

2. Doesn't appear to be able to cancel a batch download operation - I had to force quit it when I realized how long it was going to take to fetch artwork for my entire library.

The main problem is speed, though. I have 8000+ tracks in my library, and I think it would take days to fetch artwork for all of them using this app.
[Version 0.5.1]

drewling390 commented on 26 Aug 2006
This program has great potential. Once the intial bugs are worked out it will be great for major music organization projects. Best of all, it's free! Keep an eye on this one.
[Version 0.5.1]



hced reviewed on 24 Aug 2006
This is for mainstream music only.

I wish someone would make a tool to gather covert art, etc. from :/
[Version 0.5.1]

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Nclass Software (developer) replied on 26 Aug 2006
I'll take that as a feature request and we'll start looking into it.

euskir commented on 03 Aug 2006
Honesty above all.
Right now, since the yesterday update, it's working fine. A little slow, yes, but was able to find a strange cover, not quite popular.
[Version 0.5.1]


adfasdfasdfasdf reviewed on 03 Aug 2006
Has never worked with me. "Searching - Loading - Searching - Loading -" ad infinitum.
[Version 0.5.1]

man4mac commented on 03 Aug 2006
Very impressive software. Basically does what all those shareware's do, only it does it for free. I would highly recomend this software
[Version 0.5]


euskir had trouble on 01 Aug 2006
Too many troubles to get an art cover, it's faster from Google...
Fetch Script was great, but doesn't work anymore.
[Version 0.5]

sniffio had trouble on 23 May 2006
Fantastic app.
Big thxx to the author.

Yes it crashes quite frequently.

Little trouble shooting.
MAKE SURE YOUR SONGS ARE IN ITUNES FOLDER(which you have specified in the itunes preference)

Otherwise the pics won't stick to the song.
It only gives the ! mark.

You don't have to renew the library if this is the situation. Just drag your files to that specific folder and drag it back to the original folder after your done. I'm just doing this right now. It works.

I also suggest to click on the "wait for..." in the preference. I think it works better.

Anyway, again, thx to the author!
[Version 0.3.5]


thirstyrobot had trouble on 21 Apr 2006
On my first attempt to select a bunch of tracks for album art, the app crashed. Tried again and this time it refused to find artwork even for artists/titles where all the data was clearly provided.

Tried clicking and holding on the "Get Artwork" button to activate the drop-down (which is harder get to work than it should be...perhaps the click field should be wider). By re-selecting "by Artists & Album" I was able to get the application working.

My guess is that the app's default setting needs to be assigned when it's launched for the first time. Then again, I'm not a developer (as this note will attest).

Having said all of this...Corripio is a fantastic little tool and the update is substantially faster (I'm running this on an Intel iMac).
[Version 0.3]


sjj_public had trouble on 16 Mar 2006
This is a great start! The Info window shows some strange results, often showing artwork from some other track. However, when the artist/album tags are right and the tracks are in iTMS, it successfully gets the artwork, which is much higher quality and resolution than what's available on and other places. Lastly, when it finds more than one match, the selection window to choose one is confusing - it gives no visual indication of which one you have selected, although it does seem to take the one you last clicked on when you then click the "Select" button. Looking forward to updates!
[Version 0.1 Beta]

1 Reply

Nclass Software (developer) replied on 16 Mar 2006
Try closing both iTunes and the App. Then open iTunes then the App. I am still working on issues with updating the library.

In regards to the info pane try deselecting the selection and then selecting it again, it should then update with the new artwork

simon_moir rated on 03 Oct 2011

[Version 0.7.2]

chilistone rated on 30 Sep 2011

[Version 0.7.2]

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Corripio is the premier tool for gathering album artwork. Corripio enables the user to get the best artwork available for their iTunes libraries with the click of a button. The user also has the ability to search for song lyrics. The lyrics will automatically be added to each songs' ID3 tag. Corripio is the iTunes companion a music lover cannot live without.

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