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15 March 2006

Edit databases with EOModel files.


DBEdit is a tool for database exploration and editing based on information in EOModel files. Fetches can be done for all or qualified rows for a particular entity, and the results can be sorted, printed, exported to file, edited, and saved back to the database. Rows can be deleted or added, and relationships can be followed to display the related rows. A raw SQL window is provided to execute arbitrary SQL statements (and see the results if any). DBEdit should work with EOF 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x; binaries are provided for MacOS X 10.x, MacOS X Server 1.2, YellowBox/NT, and OPENSTEP. EOF or WebObjects is also required. DBEdit was written by Carl Lindberg with some help (i.e.: nagging for more features) from Doug McClure. It is a rewrite with added functionality of an old, private EOF 1.1 application written by Jason Jobe.

Note: The Java 1.5 Cocoa bridge does not seem to work with the Objective-C EOF frameworks at this time, so keep Java Preferences.app set at 1.4.2 if you want to use DBEdit or EOModeler.

What's new in DBEdit

Version 1.6:
  • Built as universal binary for use on Intel Macs.
  • When using DBEditGroup files, modified connection dictionaries are saved.
  • JVM version specified as "1.3+", so it should use 1.4.2 if present. Previously DBEdit would always use 1.3.1 if available, preventing some newer JDBC drivers from working.
  • Worked around problems with Boolean attributes (Number attributes with a valueType of "c") and the Java Bridge on MacOS X 10.4 which previously prevented DBEdit from working. Reported by Brian Arthur.
  • Fixed long-standing validation bugs when using JDBC models that sometimes caused problems when saving to the database.
  • Fixed bug with prototypes and CLOB/BLOB attributes that could prevent fetching. Reported by Brian Arthur.

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