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27 October 2008

Calculates magnetic field in conductors.


BiotSavart calculates the magnetic field resulting from general 3-D configurations of current-carrying conductors. It has proven useful in the design of superconducting and copper coil systems. Conductor types include current loop, thin and thick solenoid, racetrack coil, and filamentary wire of arbitrary path. The magnetic field can be calculated along any path and graphed; or on any plane surface to give a contour plot. Field plots are updated as you modify the conductors.

What's new in BiotSavart

Version 4.0.17:
  • Improvements to help:
    • Units discussion.
    • Graphics updated.
    • Improved index.
    • Jump to TOC or index from any page.
  • Improvements [Windows]:
    • Copy graphics command implemented.
    • Notes re units added to UI.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Zero radius loop now well-behaved.

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