LAME Framework
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Utilize LAME technology for high-quality MP3 encoding.   Free
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    Audiofile Engineering
LAME Framework utilizes LAME 3.97 for MP3 encoding.
What's New
Version 3.97:
  • Updated for final release of 3.97
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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LAME Framework User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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LouKash tipped on 05 Jan 2009
This framework is actually provided by Audiofile Engineering for use with their Wave Editor app as an MP3 export option. As such, it WORKS perfectly as advertised. In fact, if you select the MP3 export option in Wave Editor for the first time, it will ask you if you want to download this very same DMG file.
(Don't ask me if the framework also works in other apps. I don't know...)
[Version 3.97]


Corpsecorps commented on 20 Nov 2008
How about a framework for LAME
[Version 3.97]


Leoncahun commented on 23 Jun 2007
Lame doesnt show up in the Export-options in Quicktime Player (Pro) 7.1.5, OS X 10.4.9.
Even after restart.
[Version 3.97]

dj kiff one commented on 05 Mar 2007
good plugin for Digital Performer
[Version 3.97]

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kiefer74.1 replied on 12 Aug 2007
I use DP and have been unsuccessful at getting the LAME to work.
I'm using DP5.12 on a macpro 10.4.10

Please help!

Hopefully you can see my email. If not please resond and I'll check the site again.


sjj_public commented on 05 Oct 2006
The Quicktime LAME MP3 codec referred to in the response to the previous (months ago) message seems to have been discontinued and pulled from the internet. Are there any other Quicktime plugins/applications that utilize this framework?
[Version 3.97]


S p l a t ! commented on 23 Feb 2006
how can i use this framework?
[Version 3.97b2]

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Leoncahun replied on 03 May 2006
You can use it together with the "LAME Quicktime MP3 Encoder Component" (there is another site which doesnt seem to be up to date, though) to export to LAME-encoded mp3's right out of Quicktime Player. Pretty nifty.

Place LAME.framework in ~/Library/Frameworks/ (or in /Library/Frameworks/ for all users; create the folder, if it doesnt yet exist), place LAMEEncoder.component in ~/Library/Quicktime/ (or in /Library/Quicktime/ for all users; again, create it, if it doesnt yet exist), and you're done. Re-open Quicktime Player and check your Export-options.
(NB.: Why there is no entry for LAME Quicktime MP3 Encoder Component on

But there is also Max.

LAME is regarded to provide a much higher encoding quality (especially with the option "insane" ;) than, for instance, iTunes, Quicktime (see also

compositore replied on 04 Aug 2009
I can't find "LAMEEncoder.component" :(

compositore had trouble on 04 Aug 2009
I can't find "LAMEEncoder.component" :(
[Version 3.97]


mac adam had trouble on 10 Mar 2007
The best mp3 encoder,
and cannot install for Quictime ?!
I wait Quicktime Plug for long time ago…
Like AC3 cannot read multiplexed flux ?!
Sometime i do not understand programmers ?!
[Version 3.97]

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Version Downloads:77,839
Type:Multimedia Design : MP3
Date:27 Jul 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 3.x):
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LAME Framework utilizes LAME 3.97 for MP3 encoding.

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