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16 February 2006

DVD post-authoring editing.


DVDAfterEdit is a professional application designed to augment and expand the capabilities of your existing DVD authoring system. Its unique feature-set offers a wealth of functionality at all levels of authoring complexity, from entry-level right up to Scenarist Pro and beyond.
  • Because DVDAfterEdit works directly on the existing VIDEO_TS folders created by your current authoring application, it is fully compatible with any authoring system.
  • It's simple, elegant interface literally unfolds the structure of your DVD before your eyes, and gives you detailed, precise control of almost any aspect of the DVD Specification.

  • Use DVDAfterEdit to examine the structure and follow the navigation of any unencrypted DVD.
  • You can even do this with the free Demo Version.
  • Use DVDAE as a DVD authoring teaching tool.

  • DVDAfterEdit is officially licensed by the DVD Forum for the DVD-Video Specification.
  • Its output is carefully checked using Eclipse and MEI verifiers to ensure that edits made remain spec compliant.

What's new in DVDAfterEdit

Version 3.0.4:
  • The Apple link for downloading the QuickTime MPEG2 Playback component changed. Now there are two versions, one for QuickTime 6 and one for QuickTime 7. The link is given in a dialog box if the component is missing.
  • There was another bug in saving when the automatic "Fix Sectors" command discovered a problem after the title manager was already saved. This could result in the fixed values not being saved on the disk, which in turn could lead to improper values on a DLT or DDP image.
  • Bugs when importing multi-angle video and broken time maps have been fixed.
  • Audio and sub-picture streams now allow editing of the "Stream available" flag. This can be very useful for doing some neat things, which Michael Lazar will explain later in these release notes and in the discussion forum.

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