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01 March 2007

Multi-scale, multi-genome visualization and analysis.


Genomorama is a software program for interactively displaying multiple genomes.

It provides a powerful yet easy to use interface that leverages the visualization power of modern computers (via OpenGL) and the substantial bioinformatic infrastructure provided by the NCBI (via the NCBI C toolkit).

Genomorama is written in portable, highly optimized C++ and comes in three "flavors" that allow it to run natively on (most) modern operating systems: OS X (using Carbon), Microsoft Windows (using MFC), and Linux (using Motif). Executables and source code are freely provided for all flavors.

What's new in Genomorama

Version 1.5:
  • Fixed bug in highlighting matched regions when searching with primers or probes that contain degenerate bases.
  • Fixed bug in parsing gbk files that contain single base annotations on the complement strand.
  • Fixed bug in DNA3Seq::find() that missed exact matches at 3' end of target sequence.
  • Fixed bug in annotation editor (annotation type control was not enabled).
  • Fixed bug that required the selection of a genome when loading a genome plot when only a single genome is loaded. When only a single genome is present, assume implicit selection.
  • Custom color records are now saved to and read from GBK files.
  • Fixed bug when downloading multi-entry records from NCBI (i.e. gi|46810958)
  • Fixed fragile parsing of annotation range in the annotation edit dialog. Changed all displayed ranges to match the Genbank range format (i.e. "start..stop").
  • [Motif] Fixed download dialog bug.
  • Fixed bug that prevented downloading of very large Genbank records (i.e. human chromosomes).
  • Fixed bug that omitted intergenic space following single base annotations (i.e. SNP's).
  • Added an OS X Intel-specific executable and made the information dialog box resizable.
  • Added the number of Watson and Crick matches to all hybridization based search results.

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