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Merchant Wisdom1.5.3

11 January 2008

Small business point of sale app (was seSales).


Merchant Wisdom (was seSales) is a small business point of sale (POS) application that was designed from the ground up exclusively for Apple's Mac OS X. This unique POS system is designed with an efficient keyboard workflow for fast and accurate order processing. It can also track in store credit and utilize PayPal as your credit card clearing house.

Merchant Wisdom can cache all of the credit card transactions and do a bulk submission at the end of the day or week. This permits the business owner to reduce costs that are generally associated with credit card processing, such as those at trade shows or conventions. The POS system also provides standard invoice processing, inventory tracking, purchase order management, and employee hour monitoring. Merchant Wisdom also offers automatic discounts for sales as well as layaways, gift cards and store credit.

Merchant Wisdom represents a completely native Cocoa solution designed exclusively for OS X, with a primary focus of delivering a fast and accurate check-out experience for the end customer. The workflow for invoice processing is streamlined to work completely via keyboard commands or by mouse menus. A cashier can choose the most efficient process, avoiding needless delays while searching through cascading menus to find the correct option for the customer's order.

Merchant Wisdom has very modest hardware requirements. If your Mac is capable of running OS X 10.4 then it is more than sufficient to run Merchant Wisdom smoothly.

What's new in Merchant Wisdom

Version 1.5.3: Corrections
  • Fixed issue with unresolved invoices window not appearing.
  • Changed logic for items with custom input. If you add an item it will create a new item. But you can still change the quantity of an item using the appropriate menu item.
  • Items with custom input can now have variable quantities
  • Fixed issue with search bar in customer management
  • Updated the magnetic card reader to handle some edge case card readers
  • Corrected a minor issue with the PayPal payment processor
  • Corrected a permissions issue with the Discount Management for users with Entry Edition licenses
  • Corrected issue with bar codes that contained a dash
  • Cleaned up currency localizations in the invoice windows
  • Corrected a rare rounding error with some tax rates
  • Corrected a scrolling issue on invoices that are opened from the All Invoices window
  • Corrected a data issue when rental items are removed from an invoice
  • Fixed an issue with the custom input sheet on invoices when the close button is clicked.
  • Fixed an issue with key bindings not being saved.

This release is free for all registered users.

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4 Reviews of Merchant Wisdom

31 October 2010
Version: 1.5.3

Most helpful

Looks like another undeveloped product after acquisition by Apokalypse Software Corp.
31 October 2010
Version: 1.5.3
Looks like another undeveloped product after acquisition by Apokalypse Software Corp.
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26 June 2008
Version: 1.5.3
I thoroughly enjoy using seSales. Its very intuitive, as one would expect on a Mac, and its otherwise easy to use. When I'm out and about visiting with customers its very easy for me to give them an estimated invoice based on current supplies, and that helps me out tremendously as a small business owner. When I'm exhibiting at fine art or craft shows, I no longer have to mail customers their receipts after the show weekend is complete. My life is much easier now. Whenever I see a fellow business owner that is also a mac user, I recommend they purchase it, and when I'm working my "day job" I always recommend it to customers, too. Great job on the software Zarra Studios, I'm impressed.
20 June 2007
Version: 1.5.1
I've been using seSales for over a year now. Not only was I excited to find such an extensive Mac-based retail POS software, but the service I receive is second to none. The developers of seSales are committed to this software and its success. I get same-day service with troubleshooting issues and an open forum for feature requests and enhancements. I plan on taking seSales with me to my next store. If you want a POS software that is reliable, easy to use, ever-changing to meet the needs of your growing business, and A #1 top-rate service...all on a Mac, seSales is for you!!
19 June 2007
Version: 1.5.1
I'm currently testing out the seSales 1.5.1 demo. I have to say it's the most intuitive POS software I've seen so far. I've been testing a couple POS software options for MAC. Most are a bit frustrating on the setup. I'm especially interested in using the rental feature of their software. From what I am seeing and doing with my test of the software, I would recommend you take a test. It's helped me to really get a grasp on what the POS experience will look like in my store. Zarra Studios Support immediately shot an email response to my functionality questions. In a couple of months, when it's time to set up my POS system and my inventory, I think I'll be looking to seSales to get it done. Good luck to them and great product so far Zarra.