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RB Utilities2.5

12 April 2007

A helpful utility belt for REALbasic users.


RB Utilities is a set of tools for helping you while you work in REALbasic. It gives you ASCII codes, number conversions, color codes, lets you play notes using the NotePlayer control, and it has 2 stopwatches, perhaps for tracking the amount of time spent on a project. It gives you the option to use the timer in a separate global floating window so you can always have quick access to it.

What's new in RB Utilities

Version 2.5:
  • Asks to confirm quitting if a timer is running or time is allotted
  • Added Close menu item under File
  • Holding down Option in the color tab changes the hex code to HTML format, releasing Option changes it back to REALbasic format
  • Shows instrument number by the popup menu
  • Took out ASCII and Key Press tabs and added new ASCII tab to convert between characters and ASCII values in the range 0 to 127
  • In Music tab, pitch defaults to 60 (middle C) and velocity to 98
  • Floating timer window is now synced in real time with main window
  • All windows have a solid background color
  • About window shows correct icon
  • In Color tab, uses current color as default color in color picker
  • Number fields only take valid digits now

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