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Scan IP addresses for open ports.   Shareware ($10.00)
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ExposeIP searches through a range of given IP/IP's for specific selected active services Mail, FTP, Web, or any other service that the user wants to trace or expose.
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Version 3.9.5:
  • Optimized for OS X 10.8.4 and OS X 10.6 and later
  • Multiple connection bugs fixed
Intel, OS X 10.6 or later

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ver. 3.x:
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coronalast reviewed on 08 Jun 2013
Seems nice also the GUI is different then the usual. The "disable DS._ transfer over networks" helpful. all in all 4,1 :)
[Version 3.9.6]


Y-Guy commented on 14 Jun 2012
Loaded the screen image on MU, so small I can't even see what it is or does. Looked in their website, same thing. Worthless screen shot doesn't encourage me to even download a trail. Developer needs to show the MU community some love and respect.
[Version 3.9.2]



Elgatogeorgi reviewed on 25 Jun 2011
The trial is useless - in addition to having to wait for a countdown timer, no features are enabled. What's the point of a trial if the only taste of the program you are giving is annoyance.

Don't bother downloading and look elsewhere.
[Version 3.7.5]


Thedowd commented on 25 Oct 2009
you can get and compile nmap for mac fairly easily or get one of the countless compiled apps out there, all free
[Version 3.7.2]


VeryCarla commented on 07 Nov 2007
This sounds like Wireshark with a nice Mac GUI and a price tag.
[Version 3.6]

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Blacksmith_tb replied on 25 Oct 2009
Not so much - Wireshark isn't a port scanner, instead it captures traffic by protocol. But as other posters are quick to point out, there are lots of free port scanners for OS X, too.

TheBear91 commented on 19 Jun 2007
I downloaded, ran it, saw the shareware countdown, quit, deleted.

Like others said, Apple Network Utility is free, nmap is free, and it has a GUI interface:

[Version 3.5]


FOODTASTENICE commented on 30 Mar 2007
Can't you do the same thing with Apple's Network Utility?
Seems kinda pointless making a program that actually costs something that nobody in their right mind would buy.
[Version 3.0]


coolfactor commented on 01 Jan 2007
Downloaded... it mounted a disk image called "Trail 2.1". Small details are important to Mac users.

On that note, what is with the menus??? A lot of work and cleanup is needed there before this can be considered a worthwhile application.

It's more than functionality, it's about user experience. My experience has been poor.
[Version 2.1]



alas! reviewed on 27 Nov 2006
Dunno, maybe the developer assumes that anyone interested in trying his precious baby already knows how to use it, hence, no manual or intructions; but still, crippling most of its features makes absolutely no sense at all.
Hey, developer! Why not make the trial download fully functional for at least a few days, hmmm? And include detailed instructions on how to use it. As it stands, now, I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would purchase this.
Anyway, I downloaded ExposeIP, tried to use it, but, like the previous reviewers, just ran into a brick wall. And so, in disgust, I trashed it. Nuff said.
[Version 2.0]


jjkeller commented on 26 Nov 2006

nmap is free, and as far as I can see, does all this application does just as well...
[Version 2.0]

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Version Downloads:165
Type:Utilities : Network
Date:08 Jun 2013
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $10.00
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ExposeIP searches through a range of given IP/IP's for specific selected active services Mail, FTP, Web, or any other service that the user wants to trace or expose.

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