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CrystalBall Lite free download for Mac

CrystalBall Lite for Mac3.5

02 September 2010

Tool for RPG game players.

What is CrystalBall Lite for Mac

CrystalBall Lite is an indispensable tool for Table-Top RPG Game Masters and Players. CBlite sports the ALL NEW dice rolling window and dice rolling engine developed for CrystalBall 4.0 (Under Development) Also, CBlite has a very useful notes feature for taking hierarchal notes during gaming sessions.

You will won\'t be able to live without CBlite after giving it a try!

CrystalBall Lite Features:

  • FREE Demo (Limited number of notes, and custom dice buttons during demo) TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
  • New Dice Roller Engine:
    • Send Dice Rolls over the internet/network to other CBlite users!
    • Easy to learn dice rolling syntax
    • Roll any kind of dice, any number of sides
    • Roll sets of dice
    • Drop the lowest rolls or sets
    • Use math in your dice rolls (+ - * /)
    • Force rolls to roll LESS THAN or GREATER THAN a certain number
    • Play sounds when rolling dice.
    • Comment your dice rolls with custom text.
    • Combine all these features for the best dice roller ever.
    • Dice roll result organized and color coded for easy reading.
    • Example: 7[4[1d6>1]~1]~1
      Roll 7 Sets of 4 sets of 1d6, rerolling anything less than 2, dropping the lowest of the 4, and dropping to lowest of the 7.
  • New Dice Roller Window with customizable buttons and the standard RPG dice.
  • CB - Chat: Chat with other CBlite users over the internet/network and send dice rolls to your far-flung friends!
  • New Note Taker
    • Perfect for taking notes about your character or the campaign during game play.
    • Hierarchal note items to keep things organized
    • Search your notes for keywords
    • Take notes using standard styled text: Bold, Underline, Italic, Colors, Fonts, and Text Size.

What's new in CrystalBall Lite

Version 3.5:
  • [new] Loot Manager for managing party loot
  • [fix] Cloud Chat simplification and open to everyone
  • [fix] copying buttons script message
  • [fix] network stability improvements
  • [fix] paint event current index

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Oct 3 2008
Oct 3 2008
Version: 2.2.2
Connectivity is a major feature of this program! The previous commenter really needs to play with the app a little and visit the website that discusses the functions of the program. If you actually end up using only 10% of this program consistently, $15 is more than reasonable. Although some nomenclature could be in need of overhaul, this is incredibly powerful... And with a multi-web cam setup, allows tabletop RPGers in different locations to play almost as if they were sitting at the same table. This is part of it's power. This also allows RPGers with MacBooks sitting at the same table to automate all sorts of number&die-crunching, including allowing the DM to auto-poll rolls from the other players' computers, with or without the players' knowledge. Incredibly complex die rolls and situations can be set up on a couple dozen, to hundreds of buttons. "If-Then" statements are part of the die formulae! As well as mathematical and some other statistical functions. For a complicated button set-up, you can individually color buttons, change their basic look, and many other things. If I actually needed such a complex app, I would gladly pay the fee. However, I don't, and would probably never play in a game where such was necessary. But a group of young professionals, who play on a weekly basis, where members often have to take business trips, this would keep a game from dying or stalling. Of course, there would be a bit of a learning curve, and everybody would need a Mac with CrystalBall... but it definitely has a place in RPG gaming. An iPhone or Touch version of this app would be very useful for gaming in situations like those mentioned above. Now, some issues with this... primarily cosmetic. It is one of the ugliest things I've seen in a while! (^_^). It covers a huge amount of desktop in a locked-to-the-menubar palette style (which I don't really like). There is no log, or paper-tape (though I suspect this will be part of the Full crystalball), The secondary window for the Ball itself is unnecessary (and too large), a few of the output formatting functions need to be quickly avaiable for changing (in the menu or on the palette), and some menu entries need to be cleaned up (see the Help menu). Keep working on this, it's impressive, even now, and can easily be better.
Apr 24 2008
Apr 24 2008
Version: 2.1.1
Can't you buy a bag of dice for less than $15? Just seems a little high for a dice roller app, sorry.


App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

Downloaded & Installed 6,077 times

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