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The Lightning

26 January 2006

Frontend for the Perl-Script code2html.


The Lightning converts a source code to syntax highlighted HTML. It's a frontend for the Perl-Script code2html.

Imagine you have a source-file, e.g. as a part of a programme written in C++. Now you want to let people take a look at your code online. You could copy it and paste it to your website. But then it's quite hard to read, because there isn't the syntax hightliting known from many text editors and IDEs. With The Lightning, you just select the C++-sourcefile and save it as an HTML-file with syntax highliting. Or you just let The Lighting generate an HTML-snippet, you can paste into you website (or blog, or whatever). But there's no need of a file! You can also just write some lines of code in the The Lightning-window and let The Lightning generate a formatted file or give you the code. Maybe you want to have linenumbers on the left side of you code? Just tick a checkbox! You don't have enough space on you website for tabs in your code? Let The Lightning remove them or replace them with e.g. 2 spaces.

The Lightning supports a lot of programming languages. E.g.: C, C++, HTML, Java, ruby etc.!

What's new in The Lightning

Version 1.0rc2: Bugfixes

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  • Intel 32
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  • or later
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