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09 August 2009

iTunes current song info in a floating window.


GimmeSomeTune is an application that extends iTunes' functionality.

With GimmeSomeTune, you can download lyrics and album covers without the user having to do anything - so that he can do things the computer can't do for him. and remote control support are available for you at your fingertips. Furthermore, it shows you iTunes' currently playing song in a beautiful floating window, which you can hide with the push of a button, and it can as easily be brought back to the foreground.

GimmeSomeTune offers the user a lyrics-window, which shows you the lyrics of the currently playing song. In this window, you can also edit the lyrics on the fly, and, if GimmeSomeTune can't find any lyrics, look for them on Google. Of course, GimmeSomeTune features a vast number of hotkeys to control iTunes (and parts of GimmeSomeTune itself) out of any application. Alternatively, or as a complement, there is a mini-controller that lets you control iTunes with the mouse.

To please every individual user, GimmeSomeTune has functionality to change it's appearance. The user can, amongst other things, modify the infowindow and the status menu. Even the information GimmeSomeTune shows you is changeable. Other features of GimmeSomeTune are support for iChat, a "Recently Played" menu and a daemon, which starts and quits GimmeSomeTune whenever iTunes starts or quits.

Version 4.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 can be downloaded here.

What's new in GimmeSomeTune

Version 4.2.1:
  • handling updated
  • lyrics fetching updated
  • handling of setting artwork and lyrics updated
  • minor bugfixes

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04 October 2008

Most helpful

I used to be very happy with GimmeSomeTune, but nowadays it will pick up thge lyrics without returns..... My lyrics blocks are now fille with a continuous line of text. Verry annoying! Any solutions or people who have the same problem?
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Version 4.1.1
22 August 2015
GimmeSomeTune has been discontinued a while ago already: The last version was 4.2.1, from August 2009 !
Version 4.2.1
12 March 2013
The best free ITunes controller, lyrics down loader I know of. It is not as accurate in obtaining lyrics as TunesArt 1.2.2. However, TuesArt 1.2.2 is no longer widely available. The new version costs $5- and, is apparently not nearly as functional. Anyway, GimmeSomeTunes offers almost everything you could possibly want in a controller. It is just not as customizable as the old TunesArt. Great Value- and, exceptional functionality nonetheless. Highly recommended!
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Version 4.2.1
05 August 2012
It doesn't get the lyrics in iTunes 10.6.3, Mountain Lion, I uninstalled it.
Version 4.2.1
16 June 2012
It crashes searching for artwork on iTunes 10 running 10.7.
Version 4.2.1
24 March 2012
GimmeSomeTune is completely wonderful. The function is substantial and it is easy-to-use. I believe that it is one which was most excellent in this software in many iTunes Controller. I am thankful to the developer from the bottom of my heart. I hope strongly this software is compatibility with 10.7. OS which I am using now is 10.6.8.
Version 4.2.1
30 December 2011
still the only app that can automatically start when itunes launches, quit when itunes quits, and display lyrics attractively and quickly with a touch of a customisable keyboard shortcut. I use Sizzling Keys for everything else, but keep this to display lyrics. And use Get Lyrical to grab lyrics; seems to be the only app that does it well. Wish there was an app that combined all these functions satisfactorily, but there isn't.
Version 4.2.1
30 November 2011
Had it done any of the things it says it can it would have been wonderful. NEVER WORKED. I uninstalled itt then reinstalled it, check for updates, it would not work.
Version 4.2.1
24 July 2011
Please attend to this fabulous app. Has started failing with 10.7 and I'm almost heartbroken. There is no better associative support app for iTunes.
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Version 4.2.1
20 July 2011
Does not show covers any more with 10.7 Lion.
Version 4.2.1
19 June 2011
Seems to no longer work with ITunes 10.3. It has been brilliant up to now.
Version 4.2.1