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05 March 2006

Space based role playing game.


Zex is a space based role playing game presented in a retro-esque style. Presented in a top-down view, Zex combines elements of arcade, role playing, trading and character advancement.

Background... The R'Mparians have invaded our Solar System and are trying to deplete our defences to the point we can no longer defend ourselves against them. In a last ditch effort a secret ship known as Zex was designed and built from captured alien hardware. Disguised as a R'Mparian vessel, it was sent through a warphole into the R'Mparian galaxy along with a few Earth Motherships.

As the game starts, you find yourself in command of Zex as a lowly Ensign. Your job is to force a retreat of the R'Mparians and secure a peaceful future for Mother Earth. Not an easy task, and not a task accomplished in a few minutes! Of course, you may want to just work on improving your rank, making money, pirating the odd bit of cargo or generally just exploring the galaxy. It is up to you.

  • Custom written 3d engine with software renderer enables Zex to run on low-end machines.
  • Tutorial and 2 training missions supplied.
  • Three levels of play: Space Cadet (for your granny), Zexician (for you) and Master Zexician (if you wrote the game).
  • Over 40 upgrade items for your ship.
  • Dynamic economics and trade routes with over 80 trade items.
  • Real-time on-line trading.
  • Five basic character classes: Fighter, Trader, Guard, Pirate and Wingman.
  • Rank based progression from Ensign through to Fleet Admiral.
  • Command of up to four sub-ordinate wingmen.
  • Music courtesy of classic mod tracks from the Ninety's.
  • Space Cows!

What's new in Zex

Version 0.99.3beta3: Fixed a variety of crash bugs.

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • or later
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