PhoneHerald Broadcast Dialer
PhoneHerald Broadcast Dialer


PhoneHerald Broadcast Dialer free download for Mac

PhoneHerald Broadcast Dialer

29 April 2008

Broadcast dialer with Interactive Voice Response.


PhoneHerald offers small organizations a simple to use system to notify or survey groups of people by phone. They might be staff, volunteers, a entire sports team, client lists, caregivers, parents, students, patients or parishoners, to name only a few. Each call delivers a message with individualized information, like the number of classes skipped or the names of the overdue books, or a reminder of the date and time of an appointment. Call attempts and completions are tracked, logged, with responses recorded. Responses can be forwarded by email to an attendance clerk, for example.  PhoneHerald frees up your valuable staff so they can focus on less repetitive or more important tasks.

Specific PhoneHerald features include understandable computer-speech personalization, powerful import, flexible calling schedules, live forward-to-operator, and to-do lists and email alerts based on call results.

What's new in PhoneHerald Broadcast Dialer

Version 1.1.9:
  • All software components are now shipped as Universal Binaries for best performance on both Intel and PowerPC Macs
  • Better handling of malformed import files (where fields are missing at the end of records)
  • Updated for compatibility with PhoneValet 5.4 installed on the same computer
  • Corrects an installation issue with version 1.1.8

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