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Connect Daily4.0.3

14 November 2014

Web-based calendaring system for multiple users.


Connect Daily is a visually pleasing Web calendar that can be easily integrated into your Web site. Features include mobile device support, WordPress plugin, Facebook and Twitter sharing, email reminders, public and private calendars, Ajax support, RSS, CSV import/export, and iCal support. Resource management including approvals prevent double-booking and make managing your facility a snap. Also available as a hosted service.

What's new in Connect Daily

Version 4.0.3:

Major Enhancements
  • WordPress Plugin:
    • Created a native month view calendar that is responsive.
    • Simple list of events widget, and mini-calendar widget, the dialog showing the events is appropriately sized based on the screen width.
    • The detailed list of events short-code is now responsive.
    • Created a detailed list of events widget that is also responsive.
Minor Enhancements
  • Resource approval related messages now include the event start and end time along with recurrence information if appropriate.
  • Re-enabled REQUIRED attributes on custom fields.
  • Edit Event: changed form submission logic to allow dynamically added REQUIRED attributes on fields. Add formnovalidate attributes to delete buttons on various forms.
  • You can now optionally allow people using the public add event screen to have access to the rich text editor. Manually edit and add EnableRichTextForGuests=yes.
  • The edit event screen image uploader now checks the mime types of uploaded files and rejects ones that are not images.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem with image attachments if the attachment file name was thumbnail.jpg.
  • If the item styles are not tied to item type, and the user doesn't have permission to change the style, the dropdown is not displayed.
  • If you set the default calendar view to mobile, and then used the option for standard browser version, it took you to the mobile view.
  • Fixed a resource conflict detection issue. If you created a specific dates event with a resource, and then added a conflicting date to the bottom of the date list, the conflict would not be detected.
  • Fixed a (non-security/exploitable) directory traversal error in the File Transfer screen.
  • Recompiled SMSJ.jar to work with JDK 1.6
  • Upgraded PDFBox to 1.8.7.

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