Hot Plan

1.7.2 28 Oct 2014

Multi-purpose personal planning tool.


Developer website:

Hot Plan is a multi-purpose personal planning tool designed to help users collect and manage their thoughts, ideas, projects, but also bookmarks, links and text clips. Moreover it offers a simple and effective method to associate target dates to actions and receive notifications. Features include:
  • Unlimited number of plans
  • Unlimited number of actions associated to each plan
  • Actions offer a rich collection of attributes: title, completion status and percentage, creation date, completion date, target date, days left until target date, tags, priority, labels, locking, notes, external links, notification status
  • Plans and actions can be locked to avoid unintentional changes or deletions
  • Displayed actions can be filtered using a search string and can include or exclude completed actions
  • File, email or Web links can be associated with each action and easily launched as needed
  • Bookmarks copied into the clipboard by any application can be easily grabbed and stored
  • Text copied into the clipboard by any application can be easily grabbed
  • Notifications can be triggered when an action reaches its target date
  • Plans can be exported and imported for easy backup or transfer to other computers
  • Action notes can be exported and imported as needed using the standard rtfd file format
  • Hotkeys can be configured to open the Hot Plan window, grab bookmarks or text clips
  • Drop files or URLs on actions to set them as links
  • Drag and drop of plans and actions supports copy, move and delete operations
  • Play a sound when one of the grabbing hotkeys is pressed
  • Options for formatting grabbed texts
  • Buttons on the main window for enabling and disabling grabbing
  • Statistics inspector for each plan status
  • Option to display the completion level of each plan
  • Labels for plans, just like actions
  • Priorities have associated icons and their names are configurable
  • Support for printing plans and actions
  • Support for exporting plans and actions in csv and tsv formats
  • All date fields offer a popup calender for easy date section
  • Separators with titles in the plans table
  • Tag editing with autocompletion
  • A preferred configuration for newly created plans
  • Advanced section in preferences for backing up, restoring and optimizing the database
  • Menubar icon with menu to display expiring actions
  • Send plans and actions via email directly from Hot Plan
  • Calendar view for easy display of actions with target dates set
  • Quick entry window for easy creation of new actions by writing just plain english text
  • Add Apple's Mail messages as links for actions
  • Quickly duplicate actions and plans
  • Synchronization with iCal [NEW]
  • Keyboard and trackpad based navigation among plans and actions [NEW]
  • Realtime preview in quick entry window [NEW]

What's New

Version 1.7.2:
  • Final release, it will be replaced by a new app currently under development
  • Works fine on OS X Yosemite


  • OS X 10.7.5 or later

*Previously available here


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28 Oct 2014
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