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05 January 2006

Powerful text commenting tool.


AnalyzeText ist a powerful text commenting tool: Use the increasing number of high quality electronic texts in the Internet to really 'work' with them (e.g. in philological, philosophical or jurisprudential studies) and take advantage of the comfort provided by electronic text sources.
  • AnalyzeText allows to structure the text according to your needs with virtual pagebreaks and sections - to define the actual position in the text at any point.
  • Set color markers to highlight important text passages and comment them on reeditable virtual flash cards.
  • Use specific colors to regroup comments and markers.
  • Smart features as 'search' in all comments and a highliy flexible folder system will keep track of, sort and classifiy the comments.
  • Create a concordance of your text version to sort the source text by alphabetical order or frequency.
Features to come:
  • Print all or a list of selected comments.

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