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Calorie Counter

23 September 2013

Widget calculates calories burned by running.


Calorie Counter is a Dashboard widget that is simple and easy to use and is vital to determining your physical health.

Activity Calculator
This calculator estimates the number of calories you'll burn performing a range of activities at varying intensity levels, over a certain period of time.

Distance Calculator
Use the distance calorie calculator to estimate the number of calories burned in your most recent workout.

BMI Calculator
Body Mass Index or BMI is based on your height and weight. Doctors often use BMI to determine if a person is underweight or at a healthy weight.

One Rep Max
You can use the Rep Max Calculator to accurately find out how much weight you should lift if you know the number of repetitions and your one rep max.

Carb Calculator
A Low carb Calculator to find unlisted carbs based on a food products nutrition label. This calculator will tell you if there are any hiding carbs.

Metric Support
Every calculator in the widget offers standard and metric support in regards to weights and measurements so there is no need to make manual conversions.

What's new in Calorie Counter

Version 7.0:
  • Fixed bug where exercise list was not updating properly.
  • Updated Styling.
  • Fixes for OS X 10.9.
  • General bug fixes.

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