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Media converter/player (was ReelBean).   Commercial ($8.99)
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ReelBeanX (was ReelBean) is a movie converter and player. It can be used to convert movies to Apple TV, video iPod MPEG4, H.264, AVI and many other formats, and has media playing features available as standard that are often pro features in other applications. Individual track extraction from videos is also provided.
What's New
Version 6.3:
  • Reuses the last-used export directory as the default when making a new export, instead of always using the Desktop as the default.
  • Removed use of a deprecated technique for determining the video frame size.
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later

MacUpdate - ReelBeanX

ReelBeanX User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 6.x:
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GeoProf reviewed on 10 Jan 2013
If you can believe it, after maybe 8 years of development, this steaming lump of excrement still HAS NO FULLSCREEN MODE and CANNOT PLAY 2/3 of the most common video containers and codecs in use today, nor even those in use back when they began this video-tech masturbation!

Why does this developer continue making regular but meaningless updates (sometimes a dozen or more per year) — such as v. 5.9 which “Increased the range of the bass and treble sliders in the audio controls panel” (do the sliders now go up to 11, à la Spinal Tap?) — when it still can’t play more than half of the most common video formats and can’t play ANYTHING fullscreen? Plus, it crashes probably 30% of the time on my SnowLeo Mac and more than half the time on my Mt. Lion rig, yet all this dev can do is futz with the A/V controls instead of making it actually work? Sheesh.

Give it up already, hack. And I want my money back because in the 5+ years since I bought it, ReelBean has never — NOT ONCE — been able to play all the way through a movie or complete an edit without crashing (even though my 6 or 7 other freeware players play fine every time), and those it did play could not display any larger than their native resolution (since it has no fullscreen mode). Hell, even QuickTime X can play most common formats, in fullscreen, without crashing, and we all know what a disappointing piece of sh1t that is.

Why do you monkeys waste out time (and yours) with this pustulate dreck?
[Version 5.9]


PorkPieHat reviewed on 07 Dec 2011
Completely and utterly useless. Can't really play anything but mp4/QT, and plays that extremely poorly. This is the most regularly updated video player on MacUpdate, and yet it hasn't improved AT ALL in 4 years. Pure sh1t.
[Version 5.8]



GeoProf reviewed on 24 Dec 2010
I bought ReelBean a little more than 3 years ago, and since then I have dutifully downloaded each and every update in the hope that eventually it would become capable of doing……….something...anything, really. But alas, after all that time and all those updates, it’s still a lot more than useless that useful.

ReelBean still chokes on at least half of the vids I throw at it. The last version I rigorously tested was the 5.0 release, which refused to simply PLAY 5 out of 9 movies, and which failed to convert all but 1 (an mp4). And mind you, mp4, flv, avi, mpg and wmv are decidedly NOT exotic formats, and these test files worked well on ALL of the other players on my Macs!! Even today, after cursorily testing this new version (5.05), I cannot understand what the good folks at JS8 Media mean when they trot out their old advertising lie that ReelBean “has media playing features available as standard that are often pro features in other applications.” Really? Which features are those — the ones that never worked from the start, or the ones that you still can't figure out or refuse to implement?

So my advice is to simply ignore ReelBean, for its developers simply refuse to be modern ("Matroska, I SPIT on you!") or even COMPETENT in any way. I really wanted ReelBean to be a success, but after three years of crappy, crappier and crappiest, I give up.
[Version 5.05]

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GeoProf replied on 04 Oct 2011
Let’s see, since my last review nearly a year ago ReelBean has been updated — I don’t know, 10 times? Yet it has not improved in ANY way. It still can’t play file types that even the most halfassed movie players handle with ease, and those that it does play take about a minute to start up (while slowly developing its frame in quarter increments!) and then stutter and choke until it finally crashes. Every single one of the FREE players available — even the ones that were developed as projects for high school computer classes — are better than this hunk of steaming excrement, and you still charge $15 for it?

So, my questions to its developer (JS8 Media Inc.) are these: Why haven’t you given up? Why do you keep updating it several times a year even though you’ve made NO progress over the course of more than 5 years? Are you a masochist? Aren’t you ashamed? I mean, ReelBean is kinda pretty, but it’s literally the WORST MOVIE PLAYER AVAILABLE — even among the free ones! And finally, since over 4 years time I’ve only been able to watch 2 whole movies without it crashing, can I have my money back?


Spike-James reviewed on 03 Dec 2010
Although I really wanted to like this, it s*cks majors times.

Things I did not like:

- No drag'n'drop support
- Didn't accept 50% of my video files (including the most used mkv files)
- Many video only showed a black screen though the progress bar was playing. (xvid, mt2s, some .mov file)
- Demo does not let me try the converting option (pro only?)
- Large video files plays with hickups
- Ugly interface. Yes, this is more an personal taste. But it is far from a decent osx ui guidelines.
- Window sometimes disappears and cannot be retrieved. I had to relaunch the app
- crashed two times playing a mp4 file.

In short: Avoid
[Version 5.04]


Tachy0n commented on 09 Apr 2008
As of version 2.9 it couldn't handle .MOD files from a JVC camera. MOD files are actually a kind of MPEG-2.
I had to use VisualHub instead.
[Version 3.5]

starbark commented on 05 Mar 2007
why? is visualhub a better conversion app? details will be very much appreciated
[Version 2.8]


mpyre commented on 02 Mar 2007
for conversion use visual hub.
[Version 2.8]


RandomTox commented on 21 Jan 2007
Just get VLC it is free
[Version 2.6]

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RC replied on 05 Jun 2008
or iSquint or MPEGStreamclip or ffmpegX which are all free and just as good if not better.

Hotmac replied on 11 May 2010
...oh, yes, and abc is free and xy is free and everything else is free. Hey, buddies, give the developer a chance to make a good product even better. I like ReelBean and I paid for it (and for ffmpeg, too ;-) ) to honour the work of those guys who write the code.

Macnerd1984 replied on 08 Jun 2010
S-Engel: Fair enough that devs should have a chance, but the problem here is that you're paying $20.00, when you can get the functionality elsewhere for free. In some cases, it has been argued that you can actually get MORE for free. I think if you're going to launch an app like this and ask for what is a pretty high (in comparison) fee, then it had better tick all the right boxes - Clearly for some, it doesn't. $20 or free? You can't beat free, I'm afraid....

Merry boy commented on 05 Mar 2006
Converts to 3gpp so im happy i dont have to buy QT pro, Woo hoo!!!
[Version 0.95]


smtips commented on 05 Mar 2006
No ability to specify WHAT avi format to output. There's only sevaeral standard formats one could use. This only gives cinepak compression, or DV formats or BMP..BMP? Windoze? Where's the XVID, DIVX, DX50 or other common avi support? Why would this app have a problem with outputting avi format if Flip4Mac is installed, which allows viewing of Windoze Media on a mac? Why would I want to disable Flip4Mac to output an avi?

No format or codec info given about current movie - Video Track, Audio Track? What's that mean?

No progress time indicator. Just a bar.

Impossible to HIDE this app or even to minimize it to the just pops right back up!

Three basic types of audio compression formats to output. Alaw, IMA, or uLaw. Or None. No mp3 or other common audio support offered in every other conversion app.

The interface and view window look nice...LOL...otherwise it appears to be just what it is...a pre-version 1 program. Should be called a beta.
[Version 0.95]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


Gary_box rated on 11 Feb 2013

[Version 6.0]


Liam_ARTH rated on 07 Sep 2011

[Version 5.6]

Version Downloads:4,555
Type:Multimedia Design : Video
Date:08 Jun 2013
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
Price: $8.99
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ReelBeanX (was ReelBean) is a movie converter and player. It can be used to convert movies to Apple TV, video iPod MPEG4, H.264, AVI and many other formats, and has media playing features available as standard that are often pro features in other applications. Individual track extraction from videos is also provided.

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