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19 May 2016

Framework to develop table-based tangible user interfaces.


reacTIVision is a computer vision application framework for the fast and robust tracking of markers attached on physical objects, and the creation of multi-touch surfaces. It was designed for the rapid development of table-based tangible user interfaces such as the Reactable.

What's new in reacTIVision

Version 1.5.1:
  • Revert FrameEqualizer to equalization rather than subtraction
  • Fixed the calibration distortion for wide camera formats
  • Correctly save updated camera configuration on exit
  • Implemented camera format enumeration on Windows
  • Added a dedicated PS3 camera driver on OS X
  • Implemented GAMMA and POWERLINE camera configuration on OS X
  • Improved SDL event handling and adaptive VSync (for higher FPS)
  • Updated the SDL2 Framework to 2.0.4
  • Code sign OS X application bundle
  • New AVFoundation camera driver for OS X (including controls)
  • List all available cameras and formats (via -l startup argument)
  • Support MJPEG decompression for higher USB camera frame rates
  • Support IIDC-over-USB cameras through libdc1394
  • Added frame cropping configuration (xoffset,yoffset,xwidth,yheight)
  • Multithreaded thresholder for reduced latency on multicore CPUs
  • Allow the adjustment of the threshold tile size
  • Updated FrameEqualizer for faster background subtracion
  • Sending correct TUIO 1.1 source messages
  • Added a quicker and less tedious calibration mode
  • Migrated the user interface to SDL 2.0 (less CPU overhead)
  • Fixed a MIDI configuration file location bug on OS X
  • Added fullscreen toggle (via F1 key)
  • Added a headless mode (via -n startup argument)
  • Removed the dtouch fiducial tracker
  • New application icon

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