1.2 20 Sep 2006

SMTP server spam gateway.


Developer website: Outspring Software

Spamphibian Gateway is a unique new stand alone spam-fighting solution that works with your existing SMTP server. Included is Spamphibian Admin, an easy-to-use Mac OS X application to remotely monitor, configure and administer Spamphibian Gateway.

Spamphibian Gateway is a server-side spam stopper, which means messages caught by Spamphibian Gateway are halted at the server and do not reach the user's account. The administrator can manually create any number of IP addresses, domains, URLs, generic string, or regular expressions filters to stop unwanted mail.

What's New

Version 1.2:
  • Spamphibian Admin and Spamphibian Gateway are now Universal Binaries, able to run natively on Mac OS X PowerPC and Intel.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of messages in the "Retry Queue" could be incorrect. (#982, #1094)
  • Changed the default color for the "Busy SMTP in" value in the "Load" pane of the Monitor. (#1053)
  • Improved handling of special characters in URL rules. (#1069)
  • Fixed an issue where Spamphibian Gateway would stop accepting incoming mail due to "Too many open files". (#1072)
  • Improved URL detection in HTML messages. (#1073)
  • Improved handling of invalid rule files. (#1075)
  • Improved logging. (#1082, #1097)
  • Improved handling of non-ASCII string rules. (#1088)
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add more than ten domains from the admin. (#1093)
  • Improved handling of DNSBL lookups to increase throughput. (#1095)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Spamphibian Admin to drop the connection and fail when saving lots of rules to Spamphibian Gateway (#1096)
  • Fixed a bug with the save/revert buttons after importing rules. (#1101)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the filter rules to disappear. (#1103)
  • Prevent the user from installing when "System Preferences" is running. (#1107)
  • Fixed a bug in the email validation code for product registration. (#1108)
  • Improved behavior of admin when viewing a message while messages are arriving. (#1113)
  • Fixed a bug where the rule editor would reset the rule type. (#1120)
  • Fixed problems that prevented the gateway from properly bouncing messages. (#1122, #1123, #1124)
  • Added build ID, version and platform architecture to the admin and SMTP greetings.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were only using regex rules, Spamphibian Gateway would ignore them. (#998)
  • Fixed a bug in the mime boundary detection code. (#1129)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Spamphibian Gateway to resend messages if 4xx errors were received when doing "RCPT TO:" to the destination server. (#1130)
  • Added the "RCPT TO:" checking feature to Spamphibian Gateway, to address backscatter. If enabled, Spamphibian Gateway will check incoming "RCPT TO:" values with the destination server, and cache the results. (#988)
  • Fixed a crash at startup issue. (#1132)
  • Accept "RCPT TO: " per RFC 2821. (#1135)
  • Fixed a bug where user's "Domain" rules were not taking affect. (#1138)


Mac OS X 10.3 or later


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20 Sep 2006
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