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13 June 2013

For REALBasic, gives access to QuickTime routines.


QTPlugin is a plugin for Xojo (formerly RealStudio / RealBasic) that gives you access to a lot of the routines and structures provided by the QuickTime multimedia programming architecture. It provides more than 200 classes, 4 modules, and 64 global methods that make easy for you to work with the QuickTime engine, maintaining a great deal of control over it.

If you need to handle multimedia content using QuickTime and RealBasic in an easy but professional and powerful way, this plugin is the right one for you.

Among the other things, you can use the QTPlugin to:

  • create and edit movies and tracks
  • export movies and still images
  • manage access keys and QuickTime preferences
  • configure and apply effects to movies or images
  • acquire sound and video from external devices
  • output movies or still images to external devices
  • perform asynchronous data transfer and movie loading
  • handle audiovisual data streamed over a network
  • manage sprites
  • interpolate audiovisual data

What's new in QTPlugin

Version 6.7:
  • added support for Xojo IDE
  • removed outdated Classic and PPC code
  • removed duplicated and deprecated code
  • many plugin classes and modules are now console safe
  • other improvements to the plugin classes and modules

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