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Myth Updater1.3

16 April 1999

Updates the original Myth game to version 1.3.


Myth 1.3 Updater adds more enhanced features than any other previous update ever released. It now supports a new plug-in feature, allowing users to take third party plug-ins to enhance the game. Upon entering the multiplayer options screen you will notice a new list called plugins on the far right side of the interface. Any .GOR files that have been placed into the plugins folder will appear here. If you select a plugin in your plugins folder it will appear in your list of maps. If you select the newly appearing map, you will be able to play on it with all of it's options. However the REALLY COOL thing is that if you select a plug-in but select another map all of that plugin's unit changes (assuming the author of said plug-in didn't create new monster tags) will affect the map that you use. If it doesn't then you'll need to talk to the author of the plugin.

Now here are a few catches:

  1. You can only enter a game that is using a plugin if you have that same plugin installed.
  2. If you change plugins all people without that plugin will get booted. Please note that all players must have the same versions of a given plugin as well. If you'd like to find plugins a good place to start your search would be
  3. Bungie will NOT be maintaining a list of plug-ins.
  4. The plugin module only supports those plugins that exist as a .GOR file. Previously existing plugins will have to be rebuilt as a .GOR file. This can be done by the author using one of the available 3rd party .GOR composers.

    Body Count

    The co-star of the 1.3 update is the much lauded Bodycount game. Bodycount (especially BC Trow) has been the subject a great deal of abuse. Bungie has made numerous tweaks and changes to resolve these problems. They are as follows . . .

    1. Redirection bugs (i.e. chain lightning, trowkicking, etc.) have been resolved. Fetches will only shoot to their extreme range and that's it.
    2. The death of your own units will count against you if you kill them. The same amount you would win from killing an opposing unit, you will lose if you kill your own unit. For the most part this only happens if YOU kill your own unit, but there is one exception (see below). In any case it is very possible for your score to go into the negatives so beware. This does mean that you must be more careful with wight usage in order to get maximum kill for the 3 point loss you will incur.
    3. Satchel charges, empty bottles, and pus packets are now tracked to some extent. Any unit that is blown up by a satchel charge will count as a unit loss for the player who lost the unit. This means that satchels can be used to reduce your opponents score. They are a sort of offensive defense. This was done mainly because it is much too difficult to track satchels and pus packets to the current owner. It also adds a new tactical element to the game.

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