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Pasteboard Recorder is an application to record a content of your pasteboard of Mac OS X automatically. It can record content of a paste board to 600. Contents to record are not limited to a text. you can use it for various uses. And this software supports save, load.

Pasteboard Recorder 3E is the up-to-date edition of Pasteboard Recorder, with Evernote® integration.
What's New
Version 3.1.1:
  • Status menu order improvements
  • Adopts OS X 10.7
  • Some bug fixes
  • Intel
  • Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later
  • Evernote account (recommended)
  • Growl (recommended)

MacUpdate - Pasteboard Recorder 3E

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Pasteboard Recorde... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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polocanada commented on 27 Apr 2013
I think the Evernote upload/sync stopped working after EVERNOTE changed the login process. It just says:

No Connection
Network to Evernote is not available.(EDAMUserException)

By the way, Pasteboard also forgets to save the password. Everytime application restarts, it would ask for password saying user settings is incorrect. Reentering password doesn't help with the issue above.
Firewall is off.
This happens on 2 machines with different config (both Snow Leopard).
[Version 3.1.1]

SerOctet commented on 09 Jan 2012
I'm glad to see that Mr Mizukami answers to comments here, as I didn't had any from his website.
I'm also posting in the troubleshooting section here about not being able to stock more than one jpeg or png while using SnapNDrag...

My comment is about the Autorecord button with which I had to fight the first days of use.
There is a contradiction between what the Help page says and the actual use of the app.
Help page says : red circle = autorecord on;
Actually : red circle = autorecord off.
The plain red circle and the one with the white bar are not intuitive nor in accord with international signage conventions (maybe it's different in Japan? I know that white, not black, is associated with bereavement in this country). Both suggest something like stop, don't go here, etc. If I'm not mistaken, the red circle with the white bar is a road sign used in Europe.
Autorecord on should be represented by a simple green circle (green = positive) and Autorecord off by a simple red circle or a even an "X". It would be immediately understood by new users.
Just before I reported my problem about the jpeg/png recording to the developer I tested one more time the button, just to be sure again...
But it is a great app. As a translator (excuse my english by the way) I can record elements of my researches (definitions in English, French translations, pictures of obscure devices, examples of phrases, etc.), and save them to copy later in my FileMaker terminology files. That's something!
[Version 3.1.1]


yurabin reviewed on 23 Jun 2011
Great work for me.
[Version 2.08]



Laine reviewed on 29 Apr 2010
I find that with minimal effort, I can successfully manage this multi-clipboard utility. I've tried a lot of these, including commercial ones, and the current version of this one is my favorite. Maybe I don't ask enough from a multi-clipboard utility, but this one is just my speed. Thanks for making it available!
[Version 2.04]


Laine commented on 23 Feb 2010
Developer should add a button to the dialog that appears on quit. The purpose of the cancel button should be to cancel quit. There should be a button for "save", and another for "don't save".
[Version 2.01]

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Tomoo Mizukami (developer) replied on 24 Feb 2010
Well, sure. I think that the behavior which you said is correct.
I will fix it the next version. Thank you.

Tomoo Mizukami (developer) replied on 03 Mar 2010
Supported cancel to quit with unsaved state on quit.

orgopete commented on 17 Feb 2009
[Version 1.07a]

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Tomoo Mizukami (developer) replied on 24 Feb 2010
I had to leave this software 5 years. Updated after a long time a lot.

Anonymous reviewed on 24 Nov 2005
Get rid of the blinking menu icon!!!!! Are you nuts?!
[Version 1.05a]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Nov 2005
i have a few comments about the aesthetics.

-when i set "autorec" to on, the menu icon flashes white, and its really annoying. i don't think the flashing is necessary at all, and on another note, neither is the dock icon.

-B&W menu icons are sooooooo much better, or if absolutely necessary, a very simple colored one, like a red dot or something.

-there is a spelling error in the first option of the menu. it says "Show 'Pasteborad' Table". also, "stock your Pasteboard" is the only option not capitalized.

-i think it would be more appealing if the menu had more abbreviations or less words, in order to cut down on space. for example, "Show Pasteboard Table" could be "PB Table", and "change to before one" could be " before one" or "B4 one".

-"Change to last" shouldn't be separated from the other "change to"'s.

-When opening the PB Table, it should pop up as the front window, instead of the last one.

-the buttons in the PB Table are a little bulky. try slimming them down a little bit.

other than that, this is a great little app! it works sooo much better than KoolClip, it's much less confusing than Cute Clip, and has some cool extra features to boot. can't wait to see the next release.
[Version 1.01a]


polocanada had trouble on 27 Jun 2012
Everytime Pasteboard starts (after reboot for example or restart of the app) I get dialog

"Evernote User Setting is invalid." ... Please set Evernote Account on Evernote Tab of Preferences. If you don't have Evernote Account, Please access and sign up to Evernote.

[Open Preferences]

It seems it Pasteboard doesn't remember the password. Every time I enter it, it accepts it but then after restart get this message. Going to the Preferences show the password field as blank (no asterisks).

I looked in the Plist file, it doesn't seem the password is stored there (which is desirable). But I don't see it in the keychain either.

Besides permissions, what could b the issue?
[Version 3.1.1]

SerOctet had trouble on 09 Jan 2012
[Solution below in this text]
My problem is that I can't stock more than 1 jpeg or png using SnapNDrag, or record more than 2 (the current pasteboard will be erased with a new one). I have tried different things like autorecord off/stock PB button or just autorecord on. I noticed on Youtube windows of PR showing several green icons (that indicate pictures) in the left column; so it is possible, but the videos didn't show how they were recorded: I'm I doing something wrong? Is it SnapNDrag fault?
One way to stock more than one picture for me is to use the OS screen capture function, but they are not added automatically in Pasteboard Recorder (the icons representing them are grey although they are the same format -png- as with SnapNDrag)

SOLUTION !!! SOLUTION !!! : as I was checking the app preferences to mention the "number to maintain" in this post , I saw that "Ignore same text item to record" was checked -please notice the word "text" here- so I unchecked it and tested : well, I can now record more than one picture with SnapNDrag! I probably checked this item myself, I don't remember, but it makes sense if you don't want to have 2 identical clippings.
How could I have known that "text" could refer to the file's name? That it would apply to pictures, dammit? (By the way, SnapNDrag names its clippings "Capture_01", "Capture_02", etc.)

BUT : How come I could record more than 2 screens captures, their file's names also all start with "Capture d'écran 2012..." (French OS)?

I'm leaving this comment here. Hope it will be of some help.
Again : dammit! or tabarnac!

Please see my complaint in the Reviews/Comments section about that non-intuitive AutoRec button, and some positive comments on this great app.
[Version 3.1.1]


santacruz31416 had trouble on 12 Dec 2010
I got an unexpected exit

MAc OS x 10.5.8 PPC
[Version 2.08]

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Tomoo Mizukami (developer) replied on 13 Dec 2010
Oh, Sorry.
Our Build Environment has changed Mac OS X 10.6.
Our test was not enough for Mac OS X 10.5
We will check it soon.

Toyhut rated on 10 Mar 2014

[Version 3.1.1]


Tmiz rated on 12 Jul 2011

[Version 3.0.0]


Macmedia rated on 15 Dec 2010

[Version 2.08]

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Date:24 Aug 2011
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Pasteboard Recorder is an application to record a content of your pasteboard of Mac OS X automatically. It can record content of a paste board to 600. Contents to record are not limited to a text. you can use it for various uses. And this software supports save, load.

Pasteboard Recorder 3E is the up-to-date edition of Pasteboard Recorder, with Evernote® integration.

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